Steve Dunkelberger

has been a journalist in Washington for more than 15 years. He is a historian and book author. He is also a media contest judge for Sigma Delta Chi, the national fraternity for journalists.


4 August 2016

Sampling continues for toxins in UWT groundwater

Sampling crews are drilling wells on and around University of Washington-Tacoma to monitor the spread and concentration of chemicals that were left in the soil during the more than 100 years of manufacturing and industrial activity in the area. 
The work will run through the month, so area residents, students and…

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4 August 2016

Primary election shows strong support for incumbents

Results from Tuesday’s primary election show incumbents have strong support as they head into the general election on Nov. 8, which will also select the nation’s next president.
Ballots will continue to be tallied with results updated through Aug. 16, when the results will be certified and made official. Washington…

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4 August 2016

Road construction projected to be around for years

Interstate 5 isn’t the only major road work that will occur outside the car windows of commuters for years to come. Work on local overpasses, off-ramps and connector roads, as well as State Route 167, will keep crews in orange vests active for the next decade or so.
The main driver of the work is to have more direct…

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21 July 2016

Plastic bags won’t disappear over night, but their days are numbered

The recently approved ban on single-use plastic bags won’t come immediately since the city has a slate of public outreach efforts to shoppers and business owners through the next year so everyone has time to adjust to life without them.
Tacoma City Council voted in an 8-1 decision earlier this month to become the…

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14 July 2016

Open space ranks high with park users eyeing Chambers Bay options

Residents and park users of the Chambers Creek Regional Park trails and open spaces have several opportunities to vote their thoughts about the future of the 930-acre Pierce County park along the western edge of University Place.
An online survey is now available and survey takers will be out in force during the Kite…

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7 July 2016

Bag ban, in some form, seems bound for Tacoma

Tacoma City Council is primed to consider two plans meant to cut down on the amount of litter that collects in trees and bushes or finds its way into the stomachs of sea life after flowing into waterways.
The council will decide on a proposed ordinance that would ban single-use retail bags and charge a fee of no less…

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29 March 2017

Pierce unmoved in overall health rankings

Still at 24 out of 39, Pierce County saw no overall movement in the 2017 County…Read More

28 March 2017

City’s technology survey shows residents use smartphones more than computers

To better understand how Tacoma residents use technology – as well as any…Read More