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24 September 2014

What’s Right With Tacoma: Wondrous walls inspire adventures in art, history and hip hop

In the beginning, the Tacoma Murals Project took shape with modest aspirations. It slipped into Tacoma's culture in 2010 as part of Safe & Clean, the big program that brought us neighborhood cleanups, code enforcement on junky yards and cars, and new partnerships between residents and businesses bent on revealing Tacoma's…

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16 September 2014

The Lucky Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer: Basking in the rays, and saying ‘merci’ to Marie Curie

At breakfast at the Antique Sandwich Company, an acquaintance at the next table made my week.

She told me she liked my hair, and asked where I got it cut.

Only a smartass would have replied, “TG oncology.”

Instead, I told her it was the first hair I’d had since February, and that I…

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2 September 2014

Changes for former Phoenix Housing Network

The former Phoenix Housing Network is settling into a new location, a refined mission and a new name: Catholic Community Services Family Housing Network. Staff, led by director Alan Brown, have moved into the building Family Housing Network (FHN) bought and refurbished at 5050 South Tacoma Way, in the heart of the diverse…

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27 August 2014

What’s Right with Tacoma: Housing Authority offers comfy homes at New Bay Terrace apartments

Amylah Perry was a model citizen throughout Tacoma Housing Authority’s ribbon cutting ceremony at Bay Terrace, its newest development, on Monday, Aug. 18.

Amylah, 4, listened to the dignitaries, did not spill a single crumb on her pink and white dress and matching hat. She did not fret in the heat and, just after…

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27 August 2014

MDC initiates Housing First at reborn Randall Townsend Apartments

The blighted Baywatch apartment building has been brought back to useful life and, in weeks, will take up its role in transforming lives once as derelict as the building was.

This month, Metropolitan Development Council (MDC) re-dedicated the renovated brick building as the Randall Townsend Apartments.…

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20 August 2014

The Lucky Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer

I regret that, even as a kid, I never could do a cartwheel.

I needed that particular skill a couple of weeks ago when, instead of pulling a cheerleader stunt, I merely walked out of the Tacoma General Hospital procedure room where a jolly medical crew removed my port.

For those of you who have…

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12 August 2014

Dr. Gordon Klatt’s life of service to be celebrated

The community will have one more chance to celebrate the life and work of Dr. Gordon Klatt this year. On Sunday, Aug. 24, at 1:30 p.m., friends and admirers will gather at – and probably fill – the stadium at Mount Tahoma High School to honor the man who founded the international Relay for Life movement.


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6 August 2014

What’s Right With Tacoma: Sister Cities trade student artists

Douglas Burgess is back from France, ready to show his fellow students at Hilltop Artists how an air gun comes in handy in glassblowing.

Arsene Brie is home again in Biot, with the globes and eggs, roses and swans he learned to make at Hilltop Artists, and with tales of baseball and museums, barbecue and a leafy city.

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29 July 2014

What’s Right With Tacoma: Intel Computer Clubhouse rises again

Tacoma’s Intel Computer Clubhouse is preparing to launch two of its members on a life that two years ago had fallen out of their imaginations.

Jade Hicks and Alliyah Peoples, both 16 and both rising juniors at Stadium High School, are in Boston through Aug. 3 at Intel Computer Clubhouse Network’s 2014 Teen Summit.…

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23 July 2014

What’s Right With Tacoma: Ten things we love about the East Side

There is no better place to begin the ten-stop love tour of Tacoma’s East Side than Antojo’s, and no better guide than Tacoma City Councilman Marty Campbell.

“What?” I hear fans of Fergie’s and other long-time restaurants demanding. “Does perseverance not count? Does history mean nothing? Why pick a new…

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15 July 2014

What’s Right With Tacoma: Itty Bitty Kitty Committee harnesses kitten power

Dogs may think they rule, and in some hearts, and at events like the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County’s annual Dog-A-Thon fundraiser, they may.

But Laurie Cinotto has another narrative, told in purrs and squeaks.

Cinotto, a woman of enormous heart, great talent and modest means, has herded more…

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9 July 2014

What’s Right With Tacoma: New Nativity House fits scale of development on Yakima Avenue

The New Nativity House, well into construction, has established its shape at Yakima Avenue and 14th Street, and it’s a good match for the neighborhood’s scale.

Come the new year, it will take up its mission there, helping to bring shelter and security to many of the broken people who every day trudge between meals,…

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1 July 2014

The Lucky Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer - No Bad Hair Days

When I started chemotherapy in February, dear friends shaved their heads to show their love and solidarity.

Me? I started buying hats.

My friends were willing to go bald, show bald, to give the raspberry to cancer. I wasn’t. Yet.

Not that I didn’t think I was a gutsy cancer chick. I…

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24 June 2014

The Lucky Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer

Cancer, it turns out, is a great way to meet some of the best, bravest, and most compassionate people in this community. They’re the nurses, doctors, pharmacists, aides, and admin staffers who strive to heal us. And they are the people in the next comfy recliner in the infusion suite.

When, after a couple of weeks,…

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18 June 2014

What’s Right With Tacoma: Relay For Life lights the night, keeps up the fight against cancer

Relay for Life celebrated its 30th anniversary from 6 p.m. last Friday to 6 p.m. last Saturday.

In the dicey weather, 1,703 participants on 136 teams pitched their tents around the track at Mount Tahoma High School. They walked, embraced, laughed and wept with more of their friends and acquaintances than they ever…

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28 May 2014

What’s Right With Tacoma: Two cancer fighters share their insights and experiences

Earlier this month, we invited you to join “The Lucky Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer” conversation.

We’d been bumping into people who, after they said, “Nice hat,” mentioned that they’d been sharing the stories with friends who are dealing with cancer. The articles, they said, reassure their friends that…

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20 May 2014

What’s Right With Tacoma: Wishes wash in to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium for an ailing E.T.

Behind the scenes at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, E.T. is basking in the worry and love of his fans, and the care of his keepers and veterinary staff.

The walrus is ill, and hundreds of the people who have made him one of the zoo's best-loved creatures have been sending him their prayers, energy and wishes for…

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20 May 2014

Save yourself: Step away from Kits in the check-out line

Chemo makes me meaner.

If you're lucky, you'll never notice. But if you want to stay lucky, you'd best step clear of me in grocery stores, parking lots and anywhere else we might get on each other's last nerve.

It's not that I'm not grateful to the chemicals that are taking down the breast cancer…

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14 May 2014

What’s Right With Tacoma: Evergreen State College fair offers global, and intensely local

Students at Evergreen State College's Tacoma campus will add a dimension to the notion of a healthy community Saturday, May 17 when they host their annual Spring Fair from 1-4 p.m. They'll present 39 exhibits, all examining health from a different angle, all aimed at sharing their knowledge with the neighbors they consider…

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6 May 2014

HARVEST Pierce County

You think Tacomans are good with grit? You should see what we do with dirt: We and our neighbors in Pierce County spin it into harvest gold. The proof is in the numbers that headlined our fifth annual community gardens summit Saturday at Gray Middle School.

In 2008, Pierce County had eight community gardens. In 2010,…

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