Justin Gimse

Justin Gimse is a native of Tacoma and member of the Tacoma Baptist Athletics Hall of Fame. He has written for several magazines and began his writing career as a Sportswriter for the Colorado Springs Gazette. Gimse is also a local musician and radio personality.

Email: jgimse@tacomaweekly.com

9 March 2017

Warriors get a taste of Spokane

It’s never easy to wrap up a season short of reaching a team’s goals. However, when looking back at the Chief Leschi boys’ basketball season, one can’t help but thinking of this group of Warriors as both winners and an inspiration. Finishing the season with a 20-7 record is a testament to the talent, grit and determination…

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22 February 2017

The new RPI system has failed Tacoma

There has been some considerable talk recently in the news about computers and robots taking over much of the jobs in our workforce. Well at least we have the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association out there letting us know that computers can still pretty much screw everything up if there isn’t a degree of human…

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9 February 2017

Make that 21 straight for Tacoma Baptist

Normally, when you’ve got a few hundred Baptists and Lutherans together in the same place, there’s probably a potluck fellowship about to break out. With all-important seeds to the 1B Tri-Districts on the line, there wasn’t any lineup of casseroles and cold cuts at the Tacoma Baptist gymnasium on Tuesday, Feb. 7. While…

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26 January 2017

Tacoma Golden Gloves returns for 69th year

The Tacoma Golden Gloves boxing tournament returns for its 69th year and the competition is expected to be as exciting as ever. Not only is the event one of the best of its kind in the entire United States of America, it’s also the crown jewel of events put on by the fabled Tacoma Athletic Commission. Now entering its 75th…

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