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11 June 2015

Make a Scene: Nolan Garrett shows growth, maturity on sophomore album

In March, Tacoma's teenage guitar phenomenon, Nolan Garrett, debuted his new band featuring guitarist Riley Howe, bassist Alex Nelson and drummer Carson Dent; and on June 19 at Jazzbones, he'll debut a brand, spankin' new CD to showcase the new direction he's gone in with that ensemble.

“I'm making some changes as…

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2 June 2015

Tacoma City Ballet cries foul at new Pantages Theatre rental policy

Organizers at Tacoma City Ballet took to social media last week, accusing Broadway Center for the Performing Arts of targeting them with a new theater rental policy they say was enacted in retaliation for an ongoing contract dispute. Broadway Center issued its own statement on Friday, May 29, denying these charges.


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2 June 2015

Beware the “Moose”

In the trailer for “Moose the Movie,” viewers learn that cougars and grizzlies aren't nearly the most dangerous creatures lurking in the Alaskan wilderness.

A solemn narrator heralds the mayhem to come as a camera pans over miles and miles of pristine landscape. “The legend first appeared in writing 200 years…

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28 May 2015

Soul with a capital T.O.P.

Local fans are sure to groove to “Soul with a Capital S,” “What is Hip?” and other funky classics when Bay Area legends Tower of Power take over the Emerald Queen Casino's I-5 showroom on June 6.

Band leader Emilio Castillo took a few minutes recently to reflect on nearly half a decade touring the world and…

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28 May 2015

Well worth the wait: New Ex-Gods (formerly Mahnhammer) album is finally here

It seems like forever since the band formerly known as Mahnhammer released new material. In reality, it has only been four years since the popular, Tacoma noise-rockers – now called Ex-Gods – made their debut with “Above the New Frontier,” a promising opening salvo that captured the gist, if not the full fury, of…

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13 May 2015

It Takes a Village

Macklemore isn't the only regional performer to turn an obsession with thrift stores into art. Granted, Isaac Olsen's focus is on one in particular: the Value Village that used to be located in South Tacoma, on Hosmer Street.

These days, Olsen will be familiar on the local art scene as a member of psych-garage outfit…

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12 May 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Northwest guitar community to converge on Tacoma

On Sunday, May 17, the Tacoma Dome will host what organizers hope will become the Northwest's most talked about guitar happening. Starting at 9:30 a.m., the inaugural Tacoma Guitar Festival will showcase live music, workshops and dozens of vendors buying, selling and trading everything from inexpensive starter guitars to…

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12 May 2015

King of the boy bands

In case you were wondering where Tacoma's "cougars" disappeared to Wednesday night, a few thousand of them were at the Tacoma Dome rekindling their middle school crushes on Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre and Jonathan and Jordan Knight, a.k.a. NKOTB. The crowd was roughly 90 percent female; and while many of those…

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5 May 2015

Arts & Entertainment: How much do you know about Luke Bryan?

So far it's been another monster year for Luke Bryan who recently topped the Billboard 200 with his new album, “Spring Break … Checkin' Out.” He'll deliver all his big hits on May 16 when he and opener Randy Houser take over the Tacoma Dome with the Kick the Dust Up tour.

To mark the occasion, we thought we'd…

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29 April 2015

Make a Scene: Ayron Jones on the rise

Ayron Jones is a guitar hero in the making in a city known for producing its share of guitar heroes. “The first time I saw Ayron Jones and the Way, I was captivated by Jones' talent and cocky but playful showmanship,” Megan Seling writes in Seattle's alt-weekly, The Stranger. “Dude can shred a guitar, and he has a hell…

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15 April 2015

Make a Scene: The Real Big Beat

If you have a drum kit and even a hint of rhythm, the organizers of Woodstick Big Beat 2015 want you.

For the 12th installment of the charity event – which is organized in cooperation with Groove Music for Youth, the Emerald Queen Casino and Donn Bennett Drum Studios – hundreds of drummers will again assemble…

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The Daily MashUp

28 August 2015

Maybe they don’t “hate the F-ing Eagles”: Popular band’s singer reveals origins of name

The cover of this week's City Life section is dedicated to reunited Tacoma rockers,…Read More

22 July 2015

Rocky Sandoval celebrates new single “Just Like Stevie”

Rocky Sandoval will celebrate the release of a new single this weekend. The…Read More