David B. Hardt


29 September 2011

Hashford Compassion Club helps people live happier, more productive lives

Over the past year, medical cannabis dispensaries and co-ops have sprung up around the Tacoma area. Locating a dispensary is just as easy as finding a fast food restaurant. But the sudden upswing in dispensaries led Tacoma City Council to quickly react by imposing a six-month moratorium on any new establishments opening in…

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15 September 2011

Brown and Haley opens new store and warehouse in Fife

On Sept. 2, Brown and Haley CEO Pierson Clair and Vice President David Armstrong stood proudly alongside their employees as the ribbon was cut to officially open the company’s new store and warehouse in Fife.

Brown and Haley have a longstanding history of creating premium, high-quality confections. The company is…

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1 September 2011

KC’s Trading Post

In the summer of 2010, Christine Peterson, a hardworking Kellogg’s employee, found herself amongst the unfortunate 333,695 people who had lost their jobs that year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington, that number represents 9.5 percent of people, and the job loss is due, for the most part, to…

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25 August 2011

Disc Connection scratches that itch for old school vinyl

While other kids his age sleep in during summer break, Blake Ressler, 15-year-old drummer for The Off Beats, wakes early, jumps on his bike, and pedals down to Disc Connection, a popular vinyl record shop in Parkland near Pacific Lutheran University. Blake is always on the lookout for vinyl by his favorite hardcore punk band,…

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18 August 2011

Military veterans make a Heavenly Scent through gospel music

In 1995, on a cold, snowy, winter day at a Yakima military training center, Lee Rice was training with his Army unit. Rice loved serving his country, but he had a passion to sing and had always wanted to put together a musical group.

To the rhythmic pounding and rattling of mortars dropping in the distance and the…

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11 August 2011

Coffee cafe doubles as Parkland’s living room

Where would you be without your daily mocha? If you simply cannot function without your morning cuppa joe, you’re not alone! Millions of people rely on their local coffee shop to get them through day. The statistics don’t lie: Based on a 2011 survey conducted by the National Coffee Association, almost 70 percent of Americans…

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11 August 2011

Woofstock 2011 succeeds as matchmaker for people and pets

On Aug. 6, several hundred pet lovers and families who were looking to adopt their next family pet converged on the University of Puget Sound campus for the fifth annual Dugan Foundation Woofstock Animal-Adoption Jubilee. On site were 35 rescue and adoption groups, along with local businesses, providing animal munchies, dog…

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4 August 2011

Learn martial arts and boost your confidence at Lenderman Academy

In just the last decade, times have changed radically. No longer can we leave our front doors unlocked or our windows open. In fact, it’s not really safe to leave the house anymore without some kind of protection from ruthless thugs looking to take advantage of people who are vulnerable or naïve.

Far too many people…

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28 July 2011

A pink slip became his ticket to freedom

Two years ago, Greg Pangelinan was living a comfortable life as an auto mechanic with a newly purchased home. Even in the declining economy, the outlook for the Pangelinans seemed manageable. But soon after the first mortgage bill came, Pangelinan received another note: a pink slip. That night, he sat in front of the television…

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21 July 2011

Harvesting rainwater is easy

If you want to live in a place that averages 158 days of measurable rain and 226 cloudy days, then the Pacific Northwest is where you want to be. Approximately 38 inches of rain falls annually on Seattle-Tacoma, ranking the area 44th among major U.S. cities in average annual rainfall and making it one wet place to call home.

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14 July 2011

Citizens for a Healthy Bay leads the way

There is nothing like taking the family to the beach on a nice day when the skies are blue and the sun is out. Taking a refreshing dip in Puget Sound is rather enticing. When going to the beach, there are a couple of things that always make for a pleasant experience. A clean beach that is not strewn with trash and broken…

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6 January 2011

Unguarded Optimism

In this year’s outings, the Life Christian Academy Eagles boys’ basketball team (8-2, 1-1) has taken the court firing on all cylinders.

Led by head coach Mark Lovelady, the screaming Eagles have scorched the net, averaging 78.2 points per game, and the defense has proved just as effective, stifling their…

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23 November 2010

Outside The Wire

When First Lieutenant John Arthur joined the Army and became an infantry officer, he had no reservations. He was certain the inheritably dangerous occupation he had chosen was what he was supposed to do.

“I was an Army brat while growing up. Joining the military has been a family tradition,” Lt. Arthur says.…

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27 October 2010

Perfect Pumpkin Picking

Kelly Cory and her 4-year-old daughter Alison make an annual trip to Double R Farms in Puyallup to peruse the pumpkin patch for just the right gourd. “What about this one, Alison?” the patient Mom says, pointing at a small but perfectly round and brilliantly orange pumpkin. Alison picks it up to look it over and then…

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27 October 2010

Second-Half Blues

Life Christian came into its game against No.1-ranked Cascade Christian with the enthusiasm that goes along with a three-game winning streak.

Before the game, Eagles head coach Todd Corrigan knew what his team faced, but he was certain his team could and would compete and was hoping for a credible performance.

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12 October 2010

Positive Impact

In 2003, Andy Nelson was preparing his dissertation to earn his master’s degree at Old Dominion University. As he sat down to prepare his project, what came to mind as the subject of his project was the place where he had grown up and learned so many life lessons, and that place was Tacoma. More than anything, the young…

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5 October 2010

Junk hauled to Hunt

Mark and Lisa Platt knew they had to take immediate action about the excess junk that had piled up on their property over a period of time, which had become somewhat of a local eyesore. Early in the month, while the Platts were organizing their own personal "Operation Junk Removal Day," they received what would turn out to…

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28 September 2010

Flying Colors

Before the No. 8 Curtis Vikings hosted No. 10 Graham-Kapowsin on Sept. 24, the Vikings went through their traditional pre-game run-through in the gym. Brushing aside the hype of the game, the Vikings coaches made sure their team maintained focus and listened to every detail of their instructions. The military-like preparation…

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27 July 2010

High School Report

When he takes the football field under the Friday night lights, Trojans’ senior kicker Nick Belcourt does not dream of electrifying the fans by throwing the wining touchdown pass, with only seconds remaining in the game. Nor does he envision tackling the prized treasure, the opposing quarterback, at crushing full-throttle…

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3 March 2010

Fire no match for Stars

The Stars, on Feb. 28, after rolling through the competition, successfully landed home-court advantage in a win-or-go-home game versus Wenatchee Fire.

The Stars did not disappoint their fans. They came out and played emotionally charged and aggressive soccer, beating the feisty Wenatchee Fire, 6-1.

The Stars found…

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