David B. Hardt


13 February 2013

Have you wandered away from your New Years fitness resolution?

It is a new year, and it is already moving quickly. If you are like most Americans, there is a strong possibility you started 2013 trying to get off to a virtuous start with the time-tested making of fitness resolutions. Do not worry – you are not alone on this magical, life-changing roller coaster of epic challenge.

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1 August 2012

Arts& Entertainment: A picture is worth a thousand words Photographer Brian Pace shares his world th

In life everyone goes through certain things; be it bad or good, these events help shape one’s life and perspective on the world. In this way, every person has a story to tell. For some people you can tell by just looking into their eyes, others by the scars on their body. For up and coming Tacoma photographer Brian Pace,…

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5 July 2012

5k Freaks running group trains for Disney marathons

If someone told you that they were interested in running a half marathon and then the next day run a full marathon you may think they have lost their minds, but for Tacoma’s 5k Freaks training team it stands as a challenge.

The best thing about this group is that every time we meet there is a goal and a standard.…

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17 May 2012

Peace Out: Empowering Youth to Make a Positive Difference

In the current economic climate, saving your pennies is something everyone is doing, especially when you go to the gas pump and pay $4 a gallon. With people’s pocketbooks shut tight, when it comes to giving money away for just about anything it can take pulling an arm and a leg. Learning to give is as important as learning…

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3 May 2012

Certified personal trainer offers tips for getting fit

This is part five of writer David B. Hardt's report on his and his team's, The 5k Freaks, involvement in the Pierce County Match-Up weight loss challenge.

When the sun is out in Washington, the key is to get out in it before it disappears, and the 5k Freaks have been doing just that. With the Pierce County…

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12 April 2012

Losing Weight is Just a Hill Away

You cross the finish line after pushing hard through a 5K race, look at the clock, and your race time reads in bright red Las Vegas colors for you to see, and for onlookers viewing. You shake your head in disgust then glance at your faithful running watch, desperately hoping something has been lost in translation somewhere…

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22 March 2012

Game Time!

This is part four of writer David B. Hardt's report on his and his team's, The 5k Freaks, involvement in the Pierce County Match-up weight loss challenge.

On March 16, the 5k Freaks made their way to Lakewood YMCA to get started in the Pierce County Match-up. It was quickly apparent that the Freaks are not…

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15 March 2012

Weigh-in approaches for launch of Pierce County Matchup

This is part two of writer David B. Hardt's report on his and his team's, The 5k Freaks, involvement in the Pierce County Matchup weight loss challenge, which kicks off March 15.

The 5k Freaks weight loss team will make their way to the scales this week to see where they will be starting off in the Pierce…

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8 March 2012

Local fitness buffs prepare for Pierce County Matchup weight loss challenge

This is part two of writer David B. Hardt's report on his and his team's involvement in the Pierce County Matchup weight loss challenge, which kicks off March 16.

One of the core principles of any team's success is that every team member must know his or her distinct role and responsibility. While preparing…

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1 March 2012

Pierce County Matchup: Weight Loss Competition Offers Big Bucks, Better Health to the Winners

How many times have you made a bet with a friend or family member and managed to rake in, say, $10,000? Most likely that has not happened for you, but a local program called Pierce County Matchup, sponsored by Healthy Wage, is willing to make such a bet – for the sake of your health!

Healthy Wage designs and organizes…

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26 January 2012

Justice for Ice Cream Vendors

If you have ever had the misfortune of being robbed of something, be it a car, a purse, or anything of monetary or sentimental value, you know theft can quickly turn your world upside down, and recovering from the violation requires time and healing. Perhaps no one knows this feeling better than Laurie Meade, whose passion…

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19 January 2012

Pierce edged by Clippers at buzzer

On Jan 14., the Pierce College Raiders men's basketball team (11-5 overall, 3-2 conference) faced the visiting South Puget Sound Community College Clippers (5-9 overall, 1-3 conference) in an exciting face-off, resulting in 12 lead changes and topped off by a last-second game-winning shot by the Clippers. The 73-72 league…

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12 January 2012

TCC beats Pierce in division opener

On Jan. 7, as Tacoma college basketball fans filled the bleachers at Pierce College’s Health Education Center, the atmosphere was electric with the intensity of playing the cross-town rival Tacoma Community College Titans (8-3 overall, 1-0 conference). The heated competition was evident right from tip-off. The…

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22 December 2011

Short-handed Raiders tackling new season

Even with only seven lady ballers on the roster, the Pierce College Lady Raiders have had an impressive basketball preseason, proving that hard work, discipline and endurance are vital for success on the court. Even against platoons of opponents, the seven-woman squad has averaged more than 74 points a game and…

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22 December 2011



As hectic as this time of year can be, roughly 1,435 highly motivated people decided to take some time off from the hustling and bustling and put that energy into participation in the third annual Santa Runs Tacoma event on Dec. 17. The run featured the Frosty 5k (1,042 runners), Grinch…

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8 December 2011

Pierce basketball picking up where they left off

The Pierce College Raiders men’s basketball season is in full swing, and the Raiders are back to their winning ways. Last season, ninth-year head coach Bill Mendelson – the winningest coach in the 41-year history of Raiders basketball with a 135-99 record – successfully led the 2011 Raiders to a second-place finish…

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3 November 2011

Enjoy aloha in Tacoma aboard the city’s only karaoke cab

After a grueling work week, people tend to find a way to let loose on the weekends or catch up on projects. Some exercise, read a book, or do chores around the house, while others prefer to go to a club or bar. Smart partiers know, though, that getting into their vehicles after a wild night of cocktails is not a viable solution…

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27 October 2011

Find the perfect pumpkin at Terry’s Berries

With Halloween quickly approaching, families are making their annual trips to local pumpkin patches on a quest for the perfectly carve-able gourd. Terry’s Berries, a diversified organic berry and produce farm on the outskirts of Tacoma in Puyallup Valley, is one of these popular October destinations. Terry and Dick Carkner…

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13 October 2011

Dragons for the streets are rising

The Tacoma Metro Parks Portland Avenue Community Center will proudly unveil at 5 p.m. on Oct. 14, a dragon-themed figure, which will be paraded at First Night Tacoma, our city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations held downtown on Dec 31. The theme of the New Year’s event revolves around the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of…

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