Dave R. Davison

Originally from the tiny town of Clovis on the high plains of Eastern New Mexico, Dave R. Davison grew up in an Air Force family. A graduate of Clover Park High School, Dave worked for a time in warehouses, industrial facilities and art galleries. He returned to his studies at University of Washington where he earned degrees in International Studies, Comparative Religion and Art History. In addition to writing in several genres, Dave is a painter, sculptor, ceramicist and graphic designer. He is often seen walking his dog on Tacoma streets, especially on wet evenings.

Email: dave@tacomaweekly.com

16 April 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Kaniecki, master of lively lines, shows at Moss + Mineral

The art of drawing is something of a high wire act. Every mark on the paper is going to show. It takes a deft hand to record a form with just a few strokes. It takes a cultivated sensibility to impart expressive power to the form conveyed.

Tacoma artist Michael Kaniecki has mastered the art of drawing and many of his…

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2 April 2014

‘The Junk Chime’

Anyone who has been to the Puyallup Fair or the Spring Fair has no doubt encountered the “Junk Chime,” a collection of miscellaneous metallic junk arranged on a steel framework. It is there to be banged, beaten, bonged and batted with the readily available drumsticks (chopsticks wrapped in duct tape). People of all ages,…

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26 March 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Handforth observes centenary of WWI with show of propaganda posters

This year marks the centenary of the beginning of the conflagration of World War I. In observation of this fact, Handforth Gallery – housed inside the main branch of the Tacoma Public Library – is currently exhibiting the library’s collection of WWI propaganda posters.

Entitled “Defending America’s Freedom:…

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12 March 2014

Arts & Entertainment: ‘American Qur’an’ illuminates Kittredge

In the minds of many Americans, the Qur’an (the holy book of Islam) is a thing exotic, mysterious and possibly sinister. It is thought to be the guidebook of bombers and beheaders and extremists against whom U.S. armed forces are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A prolonged period of war, terrorist threats and hyper…

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5 March 2014

Arts & Entertainment: 1001 Faces: Masks and other artifacts at B2 Fine Art Gallery

B2 Fine Art Gallery’s “1001 Faces Exhibition” celebrates masks from around the world. There are masks from Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Best represented are those of Africa. The gallery has a collection of “archival” masks from African cultures such as the Songye, the Benin of Nigeria, the Bobo of Burkina…

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26 February 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Clashing collaborations: two new shows at MOG

This month saw the opening of two new exhibits at the Museum of Glass. Anna Skibska’s understated show, “Coastal Alchemy” is juxtaposed against the over-the-top extravaganza “Look! See?” by Jen Elek and Jeremy Bert.

“Coastal Alchemy” is a collection of visual vignettes by Polish-born artist Skibska. Painter…

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19 February 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Camille Patha brings tropical color to town in new TAM show

Northwest painter Camille Patha is featured in a small retrospective in a recently opened show at the Tacoma Art Museum. Called “A Punch of Color: Fifty Years of Painting by Camille Patha,” the show relates a tale of how Patha exercised her passion for bright color despite initial resistance from her professors at UW.…

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12 February 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Pushing the boundaries of ceramic art

Chad Gunderson is the newest member of the University of Puget Sound’s art faculty. Brought on board to teach ceramics, Gunderson is currently the featured artist in a one-man show at the school’s Kittredge Gallery.

Entitled “I Like Rocks!” the show consists of a prolific assortment of colorful, abstract objects…

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15 January 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Installation by digital media pioneer at TAM

The clock is ticking. Time is running out for Tacoma art viewers (you know who you are) to make their way to the Tacoma Art Museum to have a look at Jennifer Steinkamp’s enthralling digital exhibit called “Shimmering Tree.” The entire space of the Annette B. Weyerhaeuser gallery (the museum’s “big room”) is empty…

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26 November 2013

Arts & Entertainment: The crystal cutters of Waterford come to Museum of Glass

Most of us are familiar with Waterford Crystal: makers of etched crystal golf trophies, elaborate chandeliers and the multifaceted crystal ball that drops in New York City’s Times Square to mark the New Year. The Waterford brand name is derived from a city in Ireland of the same name; a place long associated with thick,…

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6 November 2013

Arts & Entertainment: Moss+Mineral joins designer revival in Theater District

It was not long ago that the Dome District was in the midst of what amounted to a mini renaissance of culture. The Winged Lion Studio was in the area along Puyallup Avenue. There were the BareFoot Dance Studio, Gallery 301 and the little gallery simply called Mineral. The latter was the brainchild of Lisa Kinoshita, award…

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16 October 2013

Holly Senn installs display of paper nests in Kittredge Gallery

Tacoma’s Holly Senn is a serious artist. She is hardworking, well organized, consistent and devoted to fine craftsmanship. This librarian-turned-artist works almost exclusively with the delicate and ephemeral medium of paper: recycled library books specifically. Decommissioned books are cut, ripped and rendered into new…

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25 September 2013

Arts & Entertainment: Go local with the Gallery at TCC’s new exhibit

The Gallery at Tacoma Community College is showing its 11th Annual Juried Local Art Exhibition. The TCC show is the best chance to view some of the finest of what area artists, (ranging from Seattle to Olympia), have to offer. There are other shows of local art: the annual art show at the state fair in Puyallup, for example,…

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11 September 2013

Arts & Entertainment: Books versus bombs

The University of Puget Sound’s Collins Memorial Library is currently hosting a traveling exhibit of unique artist’s books. These one-of-a-kind or limited edition books (or book-like objects) are a response to a 2007 car bombing that occurred in Baghdad on a street that was famous for its sidewalk book sellers. The bomb…

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21 August 2013

Arts & Entertainment: ‘Natural History of the Surreal’

Skulls, shoes, horned beasts, vertebrae, rib cages, swords, battle axes, bulbous fingers, more shoes, monumental horses and skeletal fish… Imagine all of this carved out of wood and assembled into a cast of characters and critters like macabre marionettes that inhabit a series of in-the-round dioramas. That is the essence…

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6 August 2013

It comes from a land down under

Tacoma’s own Museum of Glass is currently hosting a swanky show that explores the virtuous cycle of influence and counter-influence between the art glass community of the Pacific Northwest and that of Australia. Entitled “Links: Australian Glass and the Pacific Northwest,” the show embodies the story of how the Pacific…

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15 July 2013

Arts & Entertainment: A treasure trove of Northwest art transforms TAM into a hallowed hall

An excursion to Tacoma Art Museum’s newest show is like stepping into an Aladdin’s vault or an enchanted cave where pirates hide their precious treasure. The eye is immediately delighted – drawn hither and yon as this or that fantastic object calls out for attention.

Titled “Creating the New Northwest: Selections…

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3 July 2013

Korean artists transform TCC Gallery into a garden of visual delights

For nearly a quarter of a century now, the Korean American Artist’s Association of Washington (KAAW) has functioned as a resource for artistic growth for local artists of Korean descent. Via annual exhibitions, the association also provides those artists a means to put their work before the viewing public.

The Gallery…

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