Dave R. Davison

Originally from the tiny town of Clovis on the high plains of Eastern New Mexico, Dave R. Davison grew up in an Air Force family. A graduate of Clover Park High School, Dave worked for a time in warehouses, industrial facilities and art galleries. He returned to his studies at University of Washington where he earned degrees in International Studies, Comparative Religion and Art History. In addition to writing in several genres, Dave is a painter, sculptor, ceramicist and graphic designer. He is often seen walking his dog on Tacoma streets, especially on wet evenings.

Email: dave@tacomaweekly.com

22 April 2015

Arts & Entertainment: B2’s ‘Ahoy!’

Tacoma is a maritime city. We are accustomed to the sight of all manner of aquatic vessels out on Commencement Bay or in the Tacoma Narrows. Sail boats and other pleasure craft mingle with fishing boats. The great container ships and grain ships engage with their mysterious, slow motion dance with tugboats and launches. Salish…

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15 April 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Ninth Annual Wayzgoose set for last weekend in April

Do you feel it? Do you have goose flesh on your arms?

The 9th annual Wayzgoose is coming our way, so get to King’s Books April 25 and 26 and have a gander.

Wayzgoose is a celebration of letterpress, book arts and printing that has become a yearly tradition in Tacoma. Heretofore, the event has been a one-day…

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8 April 2015

Arts & Entertainment: TCC celebrates 50th Anniversary with art faculty exhibit

Tacoma Community College opened its doors in 1965. This year thus marks 50 years that this wonderful school has been at the heart of our civic life. In celebration, the Gallery at TCC is hosting a show called the “50th Anniversary Exhibition.” The title is somewhat perplexing since the show consists almost entirely of…

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25 March 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Fez-wearing cartoonists add new monsters to old pictures

The Cartoonist’s League of Absurd Washingtonians (a.k.a. the C.L.A.W.) is Tacoma’s own, homegrown, fez-wearing illustration group. Amongst the group’s many endeavors is the “Thrift Shop Painting Project” in which old, decorative, landscape paintings are repurposed by having monsters (both strange and familiar) added…

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18 March 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Potter Balances Art & Craft

If art is a manifestation of creative imagination and craft is skill at working materials by hand, then the work of ceramicist Deborah Schwartzkopf is a perfect balance of the two. Artistry and craftsmanship are present at a refined level in Schwartzkopf’s functional pottery, a display of which is currently set forth at…

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11 March 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Subtle and delicate

Two new exhibits have come to the walls of University of Puget Sound’s Kittredge Gallery. The main gallery space is devoted to “Process Drawings: Recent Works by Makoto Fujimura.” This show consists of large, thick sheets of paper that are bolted to the walls. Fujimura, an artist, writer and orator with an international…

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11 March 2015

Tacoma Art Museum brings the Southwest to the Northwest with new show starring Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe is a bright star in the constellation of American painters. During her lifetime she managed to fashion herself as the wise woman of the desert – wandering about the New Mexican landscape in her black, Navajo-style dresses collecting bleached bones, ruddy stones and hunks of weathered wood to take back…

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4 March 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Museum of Glass features Dale Chihuly’s drawings

A number of years have passed since Dale Chihuly, maestro of glass, joined the ranks of Tacoma’s famous sons. By virtue of his international acclaim, he is up there with fellow Tacomans Bing Crosby and Frank Herbert. Chihuly went out into the world to win fortune and fame, making the city of his nativity a repository for…

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25 February 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Rainier League of Arts exhibits members’ work in Puyallup

Not all art has to be earth shattering. Most of the artwork made in this world is done by ordinary folks who manage to produce pretty pictures and personal scenes and decorative stuff that suit their own tastes. A select few have the talent and the gumption to earn a living at art, but most dabblers in paint and pigments…

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11 February 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Graphite master Michael Schall exhibits at Kittredge

If a pencil were a musical instrument, artist Michael Schall would be a virtuoso. His one-man show, “As It Is: Michael Schall,” (unveiled Jan. 20 at University of Puget Sound’s Kittredge Gallery) is a testament to what one can do with nothing but a pencil, paper and perpetual patience.

The gallery walls display…

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4 February 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Expose yourself to art that exposes itself to you

The nude has been a feature of art ever since the creation of “fertility goddess” figurines in Neolithic times. For the Greeks, the nude was the embodiment of divine perfection. For the artists of the Renaissance, the nude became a means to express emotion and energy. From thence artists of every generation found the…

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28 January 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Manitou Trestle mural to be dedicated Jan. 31

All are invited to STAR Center Jan. 31 at 1 p.m. for the dedication of Manitou Trestle, the freshly revamped railroad underpass near S. 66th St. and South Tacoma Way. The trestle project – mural painting with ceramic elements – is the work of three Tacoma artists: Claudia Riedener, Kenji Stoll and Chris Jordan. The trio…

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21 January 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Veteran turned photographer returns to Vietnam

As the son of a Vietnam veteran, I had particular interest in viewing Richard Baker’s show of photography at the Handforth Gallery (located inside the main branch of Tacoma Public Library). Entitled “Vietnam: An Alternative View,” the show consists of dozens of photographs taken during Baker’s excursions through the…

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14 January 2015

Arts & Entertainment: YEAR OF THE RAM

The Chinese New Year is right around the corner. This year the lunar-centric holiday falls on Feb. 19. For the past 11 years, Tacoma has been fortunate to be visited by Monkeyshines, an art project undertaken by a mischievous and mysterious group of artists and volunteers that make glass balls emblazoned with the Chinese…

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7 January 2015

Arts & Entertainment: Found photos Featured in art at TCC

A recent trend in the serious art world has been an appreciation of the photographic output of ordinary people. Ever since the advent of the Kodak Brownie in the early 1900s the personal camera has been a prominent feature of American life. For a century now, the culture has been accumulating these images shot by regular…

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7 January 2015

Tacomans welcome 2015 with 4th Annual Polar Bear Plunge

Commencing in 2012, Point Defiance Marina has hosted a Polar Bear Plunge each New Year’s Day and ever since then Tacomans have enjoyed this crazy and chilly way of celebrating the beginning of a new year. The City of Destiny has thus joined the ranks of localities in which citizens are able to make a splash or take a flying…

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17 December 2014

Arts & Entertainment: ‘Water Forest’ artist shows new work at MOG

It seems like the Museum of Glass’s new show “Lightness of Being – New Sculpture – Howard Ben Tré” just opened and now it is about to leave. In fact, the show opened last September. It closes, however, Jan. 4 so there is not much time to get in to see this one man exhibit by the artist who created the iconic “Water…

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3 December 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Marvelous oeuvre of Marvin Oliver

Tacoma’s Handforth Gallery is nestled within the main branch of the public library along Tacoma Avenue The gallery hosts many interesting and important shows, but the gallery is located in the thoroughfare to the public restrooms and next to the library’s security station. The chewing gum snapping of the security guards…

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25 November 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Two artists work at synthesis between art of Japan and America

The Gallery at Tacoma Community College is currently hosting a two-person show in which a cultural fusion is evident. Works by Sumi painter and watercolorist Fumiko Kimura hangs on the walls while ceramic vessels by Rob Fornell occupy the middle space. Kimura and Fornell are both bicultural from an artistic standpoint. Their…

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12 November 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Fairy tales and forests: Woolworth Windows installations capture autumnal mood

A new group of art installations has appeared in downtown Tacoma’s Woolworth Windows, part of the long-running Artscapes program. Four artists contributed work to the open-air arts venue.

Sarah Beth Smith’s “Ghosts/Dreams” features two of the artist’s large photographs of figures cast in mysterious and haunting…

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