Dave R. Davison

Originally from the tiny town of Clovis on the high plains of Eastern New Mexico, Dave R. Davison grew up in an Air Force family. A graduate of Clover Park High School, Dave worked for a time in warehouses, industrial facilities and art galleries. He returned to his studies at University of Washington where he earned degrees in International Studies, Comparative Religion and Art History. In addition to writing in several genres, Dave is a painter, sculptor, ceramicist and graphic designer. He is often seen walking his dog on Tacoma streets, especially on wet evenings.

Email: dave@tacomaweekly.com

14 January 2016

Make a Scene: Lakewood Playhouse makes ‘Arcadia’ a lush place to be

In the 1630s, Nicolas Poussin created a neoclassical painting called “Et in Arcadia ego” or "Even in Arcadia, there am I." The sentence is spoken by Death, who is depicted in the painting as a beautiful woman. Even in an idyllic place – Arcadia – death, decay, and dissolution are part of the scheme.

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23 December 2015

MOG exhibits work by collaborative team of Kirkpatrick and Mace

There exists a romantic image of the solitary artist, the sensitive misfit, working alone in the studio, standing at the easel half drunk on booze and 100 percent intoxicated with life. This is the archetype of the artist as the lone explorer out on the hero’s quest to travel into the unknown. Going inward to the realm…

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3 December 2015

TAM exhibits more cowboy art

Tacoma Art Museum recently opened a new pair of exhibits devoted to cowboys and their paraphernalia. “Saddles, Spurs and Quirts: The Art of Leatherworking” shows off some of the finest examples of the craftsmanship that has gone into the making of saddles, cowboy boots and the various fittings that used to equip horses…

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25 November 2015

Make a Scene: Healing in Flames

We are fortunate to have the Museum of Glass as one of the crown jewels of our City of Destiny. Its unmistakable cone has quickly become an iconic landmark of Tacoma. Our age has witnessed the redefinition of the “museum” as something more than a mere repository of curious objects and a space to exhibit the work of important…

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25 November 2015

PLU and UPS exhibit student art

Fall quarter is coming to a close. Tacoma’s two oldest, 4-year universities are showing juried exhibitions of work by their art students. Following is a brief rundown of the shows currently on view at Pacific Lutheran University’s Ingram Gallery and University of Puget Sound’s Kittredge Gallery.


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12 November 2015

Ceramic artist Joe Batt explores ubiquity of digital technology

 In “Future Shock,” Alvin Toffler’s 1970 book, the author describes a post-industrial world in which technological and social change, proceeding at an ever-accelerating rate, is causing people to live in a state of disconnectedness and perpetual stress. Toffler calls the condition “future shock.”
A lot…

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5 November 2015

Foundation of Art Award nominees show at PLU

Since 2008, one of the best displays of work by local artists is the annual show that results from the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation’s selection of a Tacoma artist to receive their prestigious “Foundation of Art Award.”
Each year, a dozen or so Tacoma artists are nominated to receive the award. From among…

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15 October 2015

TAM show examines impact of AIDS epidemic on art in America

Tacoma Art Museum’s latest exhibition, “Art AIDS America,” is a weighty, somber and emotionally draining affair that sprawls through several of the museum’s gallery spaces. The show explores art made from 1981 to the present that deals with the AIDS epidemic that swept through the gay community in the 1980s and continues…

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1 October 2015

TCC’s 13th Annual Juried Local Art Show

The Gallery at Tacoma Community College is currently hosting its 13th annual Juried Local Art Exhibition. The event is always a magical mingling of work by a cast of local artists, many of whom are perennial favorites. Former UPS art instructor Bill Colby has contributed collages made with papers decorated with woodblock…

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