Dave R. Davison

Originally from the tiny town of Clovis on the high plains of Eastern New Mexico, Dave R. Davison grew up in an Air Force family. A graduate of Clover Park High School, Dave worked for a time in warehouses, industrial facilities and art galleries. He returned to his studies at University of Washington where he earned degrees in International Studies, Comparative Religion and Art History. In addition to writing in several genres, Dave is a painter, sculptor, ceramicist and graphic designer. He is often seen walking his dog on Tacoma streets, especially on wet evenings.

Email: dave@tacomaweekly.com

8 October 2014

Tacoma Arts Month

It all began back in 2002. The members of the ever-dynamic Tacoma Arts Commission hit upon the idea of setting aside a full month each year to celebrate the arts in Tacoma. So was born “Art at Work Month,” which occurred every November until this year. In response to feedback, it was decided to move the event forward…

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1 October 2014

Arts & Entertainment: TCC hosts annual show of local artists

The Gallery at Tacoma Community College is currently hosting its “Juried Local Art Exhibition,” a perennial favorite of Tacoma’s art landscape. This it the 12th year that the local, juried exhibit has taken place: an annual showcase of work by some of the best local artists.

Group shows are always a scattershot…

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17 September 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Chandler O’Leary’s travel sketches illuminate Handforth Gallery

Tacoma artist Chandler O’Leary is a woman on the move. She has made an indelible mark upon our City of Destiny. She did the oval, illustrated “droplets” on the new Waterwalk at the northern end of Ruston Way. She is the force behind the Tacoma Playing Cards. She is a fixture at the annual Wayzgoose festival; a maker…

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10 September 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Local artists display work in Wright Park conservatory

Wright Park’s W.W. Seymour Conservatory is currently the venue for a show of works by a mix of local and nationally known artists entitled “Ethnobotany.” The show was curated by the dynamic Lisa Kinoshita, proprietor of Moss + Mineral design studio, renowned jewelry designer and artist and a recipient of the prestigious…

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27 August 2014

Arts & Entertainment: ‘Over the Salish Sea’

Shaun Peterson is one of Tacoma’s finest artists. An enrolled member of the Puyallup Tribe (his native name is Qwalsius), Peterson combines traditional Salish themes and styles with modern media: carved wood, cut and etched metal, sandblasted glass, silk screen printing, giclée prints, paints, engraved silver and 3-D digital…

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6 August 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Abstract Expressionism at B2 Fine Art Gallery

The recently opened exhibit at B2 Fine Art Gallery, “Evolution of Line and Form,” is a sumptuous collection of works by local artists who are working in the tradition of the New York school of abstract expressionism that exploded into the art world in the post war era. Abstract expressionism and its offshoots dominated…

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23 July 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Holly Senn stumps the chumps with Tollbooth video installation

For over a decade now, Tollbooth Gallery has stood as a bulwark and a beacon of art in the midst of Tacoma’s downtown core. Established in 2003 and billed as “the world’s smallest art gallery,” Tollbooth is a street kiosk turned gallery with a rotating show of paper art and video installations that show on a continuous…

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16 July 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Kerry Cole brings visions to Handforth

Tacoma artist Kerry Cole is a self-professed “seer.”

“I talk to ghosts and furniture,” says her artist’s statement. “I think bugs have feelings and I paint what I feel coming from others, whether they be actual people, people I see in my dreams or sense around me coming through other dimensions.” The…

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9 July 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Octogenarian artist Bill Colby still going strong

Bill Colby is one of the senior statesmen of the Tacoma art world. For some six decades now he has been producing a profusion of prints and paintings at a steady, workman-like rate. From 1956 through 1989 he was an art professor at University of Puget Sound, teaching printmaking, design, watercolor and art history.


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1 July 2014

Arts & Entertainment: ‘In the Spirit’

For the past nine years, Washington State History Museum has hosted an annual exhibit of contemporary Native American art called “In the Spirit.” This year’s “Spirit” show consists of 27 works of art by members of a diversity of Native American communities. There are paintings, sculptures, weavings, prints and fabric…

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25 June 2014

Arts & Entertainment: The ‘Sun King’ returns

What is old is new again. Thomas Morandi’s monumental, abstract, bronze sculpture entitled “Sun King” has been returned to the light of day after some six years spent in a limbo of storage while the powers that be could decide its fate. Originally located in Broadway Plaza in 1977 – outside what was then the Sheraton…

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18 June 2014

TAM displays extravaganza of Northwest printmaking

“Ink This,” the latest offering from the Tacoma Art Museum, is a lavish, wonderful show that explores the wide and diverse world of print arts in the Northwest. Comprising more than 80 individual works of art, “Ink This” features examples of just about every kind of print making technique imaginable. There are linocuts,…

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17 June 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Moss + Mineral = Unique art and design objects

Moss + Mineral (M+M), a bold endeavor by Tacoma visionary and jewelry maker Lisa Kinoshita, is a brave little beacon of art and design nestled in Tacoma’s downtown core (across 9th Street from the Rialto Theatre).

The small space is visually busy; yet there is room to maneuver. Aditionally, the greenery of strange…

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4 June 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Erin Dengerink finds power in heart break

At their best, artists are alchemists. They can transform their materials into objects charged with the power to evoke an emotional or intellectual effect in those who encounter those objects. Erin Dengerink is good at this alchemy. Her latest work, “The hole in your heart is a portal to another dimension,” is a diorama…

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28 May 2014

The art of resilience

A hundred years ago, the Seattle photographer and self-styled anthropologist Edward Curtis was in the midst of his project of shooting photographic portraits of Native Americans. At the time, American Indian tribes had been placed on reservations. Then commenced government policies – such as use of boarding schools –…

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21 May 2014

Arts & Entertainment: Summer installations appear in Woolworth Windows

A new crop of installations has made its appearance in Woolworth Windows, Tacoma’s 24-hour, open-air art gallery situated at Broadway and South 11th Street. The summer exhibits will run through Aug. 21.

Furthest north are two installations by Ellen Hochberg, a prolific Seattle-based artist who does fantastic drawings…

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14 May 2014

Arts & Entertainment: TCC art students present solid showing

For the third week in a row, we are examining art done by students of the local colleges. Work by seniors of the four-year schools, Pacific Lutheran University and University of Puget Sound, has been reviewed. This week we visit the Gallery at Tacoma Community College, which is running its 2014 Student Art Exhibition.

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7 May 2014

Arts & Entertainment: UPS art seniors uphold university’s place as center of fine art education

Spring quarter is here. For seniors at the local universities, it is the home stretch. In June, they will receive their degrees and be ushered along to the next phase of life. For the art students, the senior art show functions as a major milestone in this journey; the chance to show something that is presumably the culmination…

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30 April 2014

Arts & Entertainment: PLU seniors exhibition highlights strength of ceramics and print departments

It is that time of year when local universities are about to throw open their doors to unleash their graduating art students into the world. The senior art show is a rite of passage. The students get a chance to sum up their university art career before leaving the academic nest. Some will thrive as artists finding fortune…

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23 April 2014

Tacoma Wayzgoose Festival

The democratization of media is one of the wonders of this modern age in which we live. Anyone with a computer can produce arrangements of the written word. All manner of fanciful fonts are readily available. With the click of a mouse these digital productions can be jetted onto crisp, clean sheets of paper. Wonderful though…

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