Sunday, July 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

He’s Able – and willing to give credit

Their names are Zach Johnson, Brandon Taft, Jeff Bohren, Bo Anderson, Jeff King and Beau Baldassin. They are the offensive line of Bellarmine Prep, and it was important to running back Kyle Able that they get the credit they deserve.

Okay, so there you are, Kyle. Now, enough about them.

The reason the subject of this offensive line came up at all is because Able did this the other night against cross-town rival, Stadium: the first time he touched the ball, he ran for 13 yards to set up a one-yard touchdown run by Luke Schindele.

The next time he touched the ball, he ran for 11 yards. The third time he touched the ball, he ran for 30 yards.

"Give all the credit to the offensive line," he said.

Well, then what happened to your beefy friends on the next play when you only got three?

Next time he touched the ball, he ran for 40 yards.

Do you see the pattern here?

Able had a fluent night both running the ball and catching passes in the Lions' 58-30 defeat of Stadium.

By the time the Lions had a 28-0 lead after its first four possessions, Able had run for 135 yards on six carries. He also scored on an 18-yard pass. He would add on another 57-yard touchdown run after a short pass from Schindele, as Bellarmine led at the half, 49-6.

The victory puts Bellarmine in the thick of the Narrows League playoff chase.

Whenever Bellarmine's offense lines up, defenses have to pay really close attention to number 7, Schindele. He has been doing most of the damage for the past two seasons. But back there with Schindele have been Able and fullback Nick Truckey, also (it should be noted, according to Able) a tremendous blocker.

Behind the largest offensive line that coach Tom Larsen has had in several years, this backfield unveiled its full potential the other night against a defense that while undersized had been hard working and respectable - and had expected to do better.

The Lions are 3-3 in the league, tied with Lincoln, who they host this week. If they beat the Abes and prevail against Mt. Tahoma the following week, they would finish 5-3 in the league, and, pending one outcome or another from around the league, could get the final playoff spot.

If that happens, you can be sure that the offensive line of the Lions (and Truckey) will have paved the way for Schindele and Able to score the points.

"You can't say enough about those guys," Able said.

But you can keep trying.