Friday, July 28, 2017 This Week's Paper

Golden night for Weston

// Boxer earns third Golden Boy, fourth title

Marquis Weston may be nearing the end of the amateur phase of his boxing experience. He showed potential to do well at the next level at the Golden Gloves on Jan. 19. When he left Memorial Fieldhouse at the University of Puget Sound, it was as a champion and the Golden Boy, the most valuable performer of the annual event. He was already Golden Boy in 2010 and 2011. He won titles at 178 pounds in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

Weston faced Malaga D’Hue of Seattle Boxing Center in a bout in the under 210 pound category. The nimble D’Hue was able to duck many punches Weston threw toward his head in the first round, but Weston gained the advantage in the second round by frequently using his mean left hook.

“I like to have a good jab and cover it with the hook,” Weston remarked. “He had a good strategy, using his jabs. I just matched him with more shots.”

Weston, 22, said he is contemplating turning professional soon.

Tom Mustin, coach of Tacoma Boxing Club, said Weston has been in the program a long time. He has left the team a few times, but the coach thinks the boxer back now with a more serious approach to the sport.

Jerrell Barbour of Tacoma, a five-time winner of the local competition, faced Kenny Lally of Prince George, B.C. at 123 pounds. Lally, a five-time national champion in Canada, emerged victorious.

Barbour landed a few solid head shots in the first round, but had to take a standing eight-second count after losing his balance and falling to the canvas. The two looked evenly matched in the second round, when both went into defensive postures. Near the end of the third round Lally ducked several blows aimed at his head and landed some solid body shots on Barbour.

Tacoma Boxing Club’s Hector Rendon, a student at Chief Leschi High School, defeated Jorger Lineras by knockout in the opening round on Jan. 18 at Al Davies Boys and Girls Club. He won a hard-fought semi-final bout against Nino Delgato of Alaska Boxing Academy at 132 pounds the following night.

In the female 132-pound category, Jen Hamann of Cappy’s defeated Tacoma’s Salicia Dillingham, who took a standing eight count during the fight.

At 141 pounds, Tacoma’s Nick Jefferson defeated Jag Seehra, a teammate of Lally’s on the Inner City team. The last round was action packed, with Jefferson using a flurry of combination punches while Seehra landed some solid head shots.

Tacoma’s Dugan Lawton was at a disadvantage in height and reach when he faced Thomas Allenton of Spokane Boxing Club at 178 pounds. Lawton got the crowd roaring when he connected with some hooks in the first round. Lawton took some hard shots to the face near the end of the third round.

Mustin said Lawton was able to match up with his taller opponent by stepping hard into his jabs.

“He is new at the game. He still has a lot to learn,” the coach said of Lawton.

In the final bout, Ramel Casablanca of Bremerton defeated Elvis Garcia of Tacoma at 201 pounds.

Garcia was named most inspirational boxer of the tournament. Tacoma Boxing Club took the team title.

Winners advance to the regional tournament in Las Vegas in March. The national tournament will be later that month in Salt Lake City.