Wednesday, May 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
Our view: Start of Tideflats talks isn’t promising

It is good to see that the City of Tacoma and the Port of Tacoma have finally recognized the obvious.
The zoning rules and activities on the 2,400 acres of Tacoma Tideflats need a thorough and public review so that all sides have a shared vision, or at least an understanding, of the role the lands play in commerce and the environment now and into the future. The Port of Tacoma is turning 100 next year, after all.
The City Council and the Port Commission took steps in that direction last week by approving the concept of a sub-area plan by passing separate resolutions after talks of putting the working waterfront under the microscope first bubbled up two years… Continue Reading


Guest Editorial: Small School, Big Results

As a teacher and an administrator at Summit Olympus, Tacoma’s first tuition-free charter public high school, I see the benefits this new public school option gives students on a daily basis. Founding ninth graders more than doubled the national average for growth in reading and tripled the average growth in math, putting Olympus in the top third of schools in the nation in terms of math growth… Read More

Guest Editorial: Our Imperiled Democracy

Ambitious national political leaders invariably face a problem: how to get things done in the face of competing interests and institutional rules. Democratic leaders generally learn how to accommodate those interests, respect the rules, and understand that accountability is the essence of democracy. They work within the system because for all its flaws, the system works. Autocrats regard competing… Read More

Guest Editorial: Resisting the politics of fear

Some time ago I attended a "know your rights" workshop sponsored by an immigration rights organization near my home in Los Angeles. The attorneys conducting the workshop offered a broad array of ideas and suggestions, but one piece of advice stood out for me. It dealt with potential workplace raids conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers, and the attorneys' advice… Read More

Guest Editorial: Remembering Mike Lowry

There was nothing pretentious about Mike Lowry. What you saw is what you got! One of Washington’s most colorful governors, he served one term from 1993 to 1997. He died on May 1 at age 78.
There was nothing subtle about Mike Lowry. He was not afraid to mix it up publicly nor put his political future on the line when he believed in a cause.
For example, in 1993 Lowry pushed legislation… Read More

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