Letters to the Editor: Margaret Woltjer

Dear Editor,

In regard to Tacoma City Council’s position on Citizens United (staff editorial, TW 11/23): It is hard for me to imagine a more pressing issue to all American citizens than remanding the Citizens United decision back to state and local governments, and the people. Twenty-two states, including Washington, signed a friend of the court brief in favor of Montana’s position against the Citizens United decision. It could be argued that those states should also not have taken a position, following the rationale of Tacoma Weekly’s editorial.

This issue is clearly not within the purview of a city or state; however, this Supreme Court decision is anti-democratic, and as such, is a threat to our country, and advisory positions can only be viewed as a way to fix a mistake. Would it not be nice to think of our council as leading the way, along with Port Townsend, Seattle and Bellingham, and ostensibly other forward-thinking city governments? What better way to start the process of a Constitutional amendment on this vital issue? Tacoma City Council members, please vote in favor of this!

Margaret Woltjer



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