Letters to the Editor: Mary Ann Leskie

Dear Editor,

In regard to “Council should avoid Citizens United” (staff editorial, TW 11/23): I disagree with Tacoma Weekly’s view that the Citizens United decision is not a local issue and should not be addressed by Tacoma City Council. The council is first and foremost a representative of the people of Tacoma proper and of the small business community. It is quite fitting that they pronounce the consensus of the people of Tacoma regardless of their direct influence on this issue.
The council recently passed a resolution in support of marriage equality because it reflected the consensus of the public. We see this resolution on the Citizens United decision as an expression of our outrage over a misguided decision by the Supreme Court.
I would like the City of Tacoma to join with scores of municipalities in expressing that outrage to all levels of government.

Mary Ann Leskie



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