Sunday, July 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

Urbin Attic comes to you to take the clutter away

Many of us find ourselves feeling consumed with our “stuff.” Am I right? As the years go by, gifts, seasonal wardrobe items, holiday trinkets and outdoor gear we only use three months out of the year begin to become hard to cram into our limited closet space. Yard sales can be fun and online sales convenient but for the things we just can’t let go of there’s an option: Urbin Attic.
Based in Seattle, Urbin Attic provides premier, on-demand storage services throughout the Puget Sound area including Thurston, Pierce and King countries. These third generation, professional mover’s motto – “Live in your space. Store in ours.” – highlights their mission to help others organize their life by shedding some unneeded items for a bit. And they make it about as convenient as it gets by moving it for you. Our experience with movers is often daunting. We imagine clumsy college kids and neglectful big guys hauling our beloved items away but with Urbin Attic you can rest assured, as the family has been in the moving business since 1961.
That’s right, if you pop onto Urbin Attic’s easily navigable online portal you can click your way with ease all the way to choosing a pick-up time that works for you. With Urbin Attic you can schedule your pick up for as far as a month ahead of time to as soon as 48 hours. Simply pack your goods, take photos and you’re done with the hard work. The trained and professional movers come to you, load it all up and take it to a 24/7 secure, climate-controlled space. Pick up is free and delivery and labor rates may vary but remain reasonably priced.
Plus, Urbin Attic’s pricing guideline is based on a by-item inventory so furniture, bins, oversized items like appliances and more can all find a temporary home away from home at Urbin Attic. No more paying for space you don’t use. When you need your items back you can pop back online, click the needed items on your inventory sheet and Urbin Attic brings them back to you. Easy as that. No more visiting your bleak storage space, overwhelmed at the idea of digging through boxes as you Tetris your way to the bottom of the pile to retrieve the one item you need back. Urbin Attic removes all the hassle.
It’s the perfect storage option for apartment owners with limited space, busy families, on the go professionals, military families and seniors and retirees, all of whom may not have the time for all this loading and hauling business. Other perks include a variety of insurance options for your items. And if you follow them on Facebook, Urbin Attic shares articles with a wealth of ideas on how to de-clutter and reorganize your living space. It’s almost as though they heard your simplest of New Year’s resolutions of simplifying life, downsizing and de-cluttering and removed each unglamorous to-do and obstacle to help you realize that vision. Almost.
Urbin Attic is located at 3623 SW 112th St., Seattle. Call 1 (844) 908-7246. Open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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