Tuesday, July 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Tacoma Quirk: Two quirks, three winners

Here, Gentle Readers, are the answers to the Tacoma Quirk challenges that should have, but did not, send you to Tacoma Public Library’s Northwest Room and keep you up all night scanning Google maps.

On June 28 we showed you a picture of Tacoma’s "Motorcycle on a Stick" and asked you six questions about it.

Community volunteer heroine Karen Simpson lobbed a snark at us.

“This is their idea of a hard question?” she said. “It’s Fallen Riders Park at the triangle of Thompson, 47th and Yakima.”

Sure, that’s the best answer to the locator question. But we snagged her with the next: “Wrench. What does that have to do with anything?”

Karen thought “wrench was for motorcycle repairs.”

Annette Zweig knew better.

“Wrench name of person started motorcycle memorial,” she typed.

Yup. The guy is Troy Glyn.

“What’s the nearest park? The nearest bar?” we asked.

The nearest park is Gas Station Park. The nearest bar is the 48th Street Pub.

“Bikers hang out there,” Annette said of the pub.

Those are the same bikers who joined with the community to build Gas Station Park. It was so satisfying; they turned their labors to the bedraggled triangle. They’ve donated labor and materials and gotten grants to plant and landscape it. One of those donations was a post for a basketball hoop that did not work in the kids’ park. The fabricator let them keep it, and they mounted the mini chopper on it.

Their granite monument bears the names of their late friends. At its base is a dark band representing the roadway. At its top are the letters F.R.O.M., for “Fallen Riders Outdoor Memorial.”

We thank Annette and Karen for playing, and award them each a gift bag of sidewalk chalk, a map to Frost Park and four Rainiers tickets.

Craig Hamburg sent in the first and tersest answer to our "Where the Sidewalk Ends" July 5 Quirk.

Off plumb on the edge of the grid on Tacoma’s East Side, we showed you two streets that probably ought to meet. Instead, they both dead-end yards from each other. One street’s adjacent sidewalk does, however, head into the other asphalt roadway.

We asked where it was, and which two entities owned those streets. “Location is East R Street. The two agencies that own the roads are Tacoma School District and Tacoma Housing Authority,” Craig typed.

Those 20 words won him chalk, and four Summit Club tickets to the Tacoma Rainiers-Iowa Cubs game.

Watch for another oddity, and another chance to win, next week.