Thursday, June 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

Treats for the bath

// Tacoma’s newest bath bakery caters to local’s sweet teeth

The gals at Feeling Smitten specialize in creating cupcakes, lollipops and cake slices. No, this isn’t a shop to fill stomachs; it’s a place offering indulgences for a blissful bath or shower.

Although these treats aren’t edible, they quench thirsty skin with natural, moisture rich ingredients, said Ian Stephens, Feeling Smitten’s public relations spokesman and “mancake” extraordinaire.

“It’s such a great hook and it’s so cute,” Stephens said. “Most people buy it because it’s cute, looks amazing, and it’s one of the highest quality bombs in the industry.”

Owner Courtney Pierceson started creating bath treats in 2007, after gleaning inspiration from her pastry chef sister, Candice, and their retail-selling mother. After researching other bath bomb products and seeing some of the harsh ingredients used in them, she wanted to master the perfect bath creation.

Feeling Smitten’s baked bath goods are created with quality ingredients including European Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salt, Citric Acid, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Silk Amino Acids.

The shop’s original cupcake bombs and mini cupcakes blend a solid moisture rich bath bomb that softens the water, moisturizes your skin, smells delightful, adds bubbles, all while soaking up the many relaxing natural salts in your bath.

Original cupcakes are the same size as real cupcakes and weigh approximately 4.5 ounces. They can be broken up into pieces and enjoyed in multiple baths. Mini cupcakes weigh approximately 1.2 ounces and can be used as a single serving or two for extra sweetness. Large and Mini Cupcakes are styled the same, and come in a variety of flavors including cherry and almond biscotti, coconut creme and vanilla, and pink grapefruit and jasmine.

Also available are bath cakes, pops, ice cream cones, and a trio of bombs packaged together with multiple scents. All the products are available for purchase on the store’s website.

“This product is the perfect gift for kids, adults, and every age group,” Stephens said. “Guys love it because it’s the perfect gift for their girlfriends.”

Feeling Smitten’s bath baked goods has gotten accolades from many sources including People Magazine’s Style Watch. Since then, the products have grown in popularity and are sold in more than 600 retail stores, hotels, and salons, Stephens said.

“Courtney was making the products in her home, but it reached a critical mass point,” he said. “She just couldn’t do it there anymore.”

The store’s new home on 6th Ave. is known as the “cupcake cottage,” where specialists work to create the treats by hand. This is the company’s first retail location.

“Tacoma is the place where we can roll out new products,” Stephens said.

In the future, the company plans to offer bath/shower donuts, bath malts, and bath shakes, Stephens said. The company also hopes to set roots in the community.

“We want to do more things locally,” Stephens said. “We’re also looking for more charities to donate to.”

Feeling Smitten is located at 2503 6th Ave. in Tacoma. For more information, visit