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Sweet and sassy treats

// Looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift? Try these on for size

When Jodi Handley struggled to find a fun, unique bridal gift for her cousin, the options available were a bit on the…unoriginal side. As a former pastry chef her go-to gift was always the wedding cake, but because of undergoing recent surgery she was unable to bake. Her next best gift idea: lingerie, of course. And when she started shopping around for delicates with the help of her daughter, the idea to combine two of her favorite things – pastries and panties – was jokingly developed.

"I blame it on a moment of creativity that randomly hit me," Handley said. "I thought why don't I make panty cupcakes? Then we actually made a couple and thought they were so cute that we got really excited about the idea."

Handley and her daughter then spent the next couple hours brainstorming and assembling what would soon be known as Lucky U panty cupcakes. The idea resulted in a pair of panties designed and folded to sit on top of a pair of socks or stockings, packaged in a decorative cupcake holder and served up in a traditional pink pastry box.

The panty cupcake was not only well received by her cousin at the bridal shower, but women continually approached Handley asking where she found such a unique gift.

"I told my husband, 'I really think we have something here,'" she said.

Within three days of her moment of inspiration, Handley nailed down the Lucky U Cupcakes name, had samples in the mail, her first official order, and a yearlong Cupcake Club member.

Today, the self-proclaimed Panty Chef hand makes each cupcake, always keeping an eye on the latest trends in color and fabric.

"I won't sell anything that I wouldn't wear myself," Handley said. "We want it to be comfortable, sexy, and it's my goal that it becomes your favorite pair of underwear."

Although the idea was developed to be a fun present to give to friends, it's quickly becoming a romantic gift idea that's picking up steam among men around the country. With Valentine's Day coming up, the Red Velvet flavor of the month selection should be a fun, festive gift idea for the lady in your life that she'll most likely not forget any time soon.

The Cupcake Club, offered in three month ($52), six month ($97) and a baker's dozen 12-month ($180) membership, is becoming increasingly popular among members of the military deployed overseas. "We've gotten a great response from the military, because when they're deployed, they can order a club membership and know their wife will receive something special every month and know he's thinking of her," Handley added.

Lucky U Cupcakes offer a rotating flavor of the month, starting at $22.95, and the slightly more upscale signature cupcakes start at $49.95. Camisole and panty cupcake gift sets are also available starting at $59.95. Fun, everyday cupcakes in a variety of colors start at $18.95. A variety of options are available online, where customers can also create their own cupcakes.

Lucky U Cupcakes are available at London Couture (746 Broadway) and Burning Cupcakes (4312 6th Ave.), and online at To purchase cupcakes in time for Valentine's Day, place your order by Feb. 8.