Friday, July 21, 2017 This Week's Paper

Stupid Criminal of the Week

A man caught shoplifting at the 38th street Goodwill on Jan. 15 learned that not everyone can have Jason Bourne-esque aliases. When caught stealing clothes, the man was confronted by the manager, who called the police. When the officer arrived, the manager claimed he wouldn't press charges, as long as the thief identified himself. Thinking he found an easy way out, the thief decided to give a fake name. The officer, suspicious of the way the answer was given, ran the name given and found that it did not exist. When informed of this, the thief claimed that the officer had misheard him, and gave another fake name. This name did exist in a a fake alias used by the thief previously. When confronted with this information, the Goodwill manager decided to press charges. The shoplifter was then transferred to the Pierce County Jail for outstanding warrants, shoplifting and obstruction.

After a woman pulled over on South Tyler Street was informed she was being placed under arrest for DUI without incident on Jan. 12, she decided personal shots were the way to go. After repeatedly calling the officer a “sell out” and “snitch” on the way to Tacoma Police headquarters, the woman became quiet and didn't speak at all while being informed of the breathalyzer test. After refusing to take the test, the driver spoke up again, this time saying negative things about both the officer's mother and wife. The woman's words didn't persuade the officer to let her go, and she was transferred to Fife county jail for driving under the influence.