Thursday, June 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

Stupid Criminal of the Week

Some folks might want to brush up on the concept of knowing when to just surrender.

A patrol officer was responding to a call about a drunken man looking for a fight along the 1800 block of South 82nd Street on Nov. 29. A man had decided to pick a fight with not one, not two, but three Tacoma firefighters who had been called for a medical response. Needless to say the man was on his stomach tout suite with the firefighters holding him down. The Tacoma police officer arrived and found the man still interested in a brawl. The officer was in no mood to play along and simply drew his “electronic control device” and placed it against the man’s chest with the command to play nicey nice or get a few volts of justice. To be fair, the voltage treatment would have been much more pleasant than getting a working over by a group of firefighters, which the drunken man had repeatedly requested. Apparently entertaining his request for a fight was against some firefighter policy. The man was cuffed and controlled with leg restraints after a few post-shock kicks. The man said that although he was a member of the mafia, he was “a nice guy.” The kicks and taunts continued all the way to jail, where a laundry list of charges was waiting for him.

A man refused to leave a woman’s apartment along the 2100 block of South Hosmer Street on Nov. 29 so the renter called police. The man had apparently been drinking for a while by the time police arrived and was known to have a gun, which is never a good move. The man told the arresting officer that he would not answer any questions and was handcuffed. He kicked the inside of the patrol car during the entire drive to jail.