Thursday, June 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

Stupid Criminals of the Week

The tip today, boys and girls, is that if you are going to skip school, it is best to not spend your day walking around the school while passing around a joint with your friends.

This lesson comes to you courtesy of five students from Mount Tahoma High School. The lesson began when an off-duty patrol officer was working as a truancy officer for the Tacoma School District, driving around in a marked patrol car during the school day of Sept. 19.

The officer was driving across the street from the Mount Tahoma campus that morning and spotted four students. Two were walking toward the school and two were standing at the corner. The officer noticed one of the students blow out a large cloud of white smoke.

“I recognized the smoke as being consistent with the use of marijuana, and noted that it was not a cigarette smoke,” the officer reported.

Two of the students began walking away as the officer approached. The officer smelled the distinct odor of marijuana. When questioned, one of the students started to argue with the officer, stated that he needed to call his mother and suddenly reached for something in his pocket. The officer responded with handcuffs for all four students and a trip to the principal’s office. The assistant principal immediately remarked about the strong smell of marijuana on two of the students. The two other students were released to class.

A search of the two weed-smelling students, however, revealed a mysterious marijuana joint that had magically appeared where the students were sitting just moments prior. Absent evidence that the chair was some mystical weed-producing piece of school furnishings, school officials and the officer concluded that one of the class-skipping, white-smoke-producing, attitude-copping students with bloodshot eyes likely dropped it before he was searched.

He was rewarded with a trip to Remann Hall.

Written by Steve Dunkelberger