Thursday, June 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

Stupid Criminal of the Week

Some criminals just don't know when to keep quiet. A man and woman were causing a commotion inside the Pierce Transit Center on 47th Street by continuously yelling. When approached by an officer about their behavior, the pair decided to refuse to cooperate by continuing to yell various profanities. Both were then placed under arrest for unlawful transit conduct. At the station, the two revealed that they refused to cooperate due to the arresting officer being white. When informed of the officer's Mexican heritage, both changed their tone and immediately apologized for their behavior. The pair is now banned from Pierce Transit for a period of three months.

A man arrested for drunk driving also couldn't keep quiet. After being pulled over at 84th and Homer for multiple lane violations, the man failed various sobriety tests, at one point forgetting what he was doing in the middle of a test. After being placed in handcuffs, the man decided the best way to convince the officer he wasn't drunk was to continuously yell that he had passed all the tests. The officer tried to describe his poor performance, but the man wouldn't stop yelling long enough to allow the officer to explain. The man continued to shout all the way to Fife jail, where he refused to stop yelling at the arresting officer and was subsequently booked for drunk driving.

An officer was dispatched to a McDonald's on Tacoma Avenue when a man who was asked to leave the establishment returned. After being warned by the officer that he could be arrested for trespassing, the man once again left the premises. Ten minutes later, the officer was informed the man had returned, this time giving patrons a scare by jumping on their cars in the drive-through. The man was arrested for trespassing and transported to Fife jail, where he failed booking due to being too intoxicated. The man was then transferred to a King County jail, where he was booked for criminal trespass in the second degree.

Compiled by Derek Shuck