Thursday, July 20, 2017 This Week's Paper

Stupid Criminal of the week

Shoplifting cases are fairly routine around the 253, as some Tacomans apparently have sticky fingers when it comes to department stores. But some shoplifting cases are just sad. This is one of those stories.

Officers responded to a call from a loss prevention officer at the 23rd Street Target store concerning two people who had been caught trying to steal clothes and DVDs by first tearing off the tags of a backpack and filling it with items as they walked through the aisles. The man-and-woman team used the woman’s 8-year-old sister as a pack mule to carry the backpack while the couple stuffed items into the bag. Security officers watched them through cameras the entire time.

At first, the couple gave false names to avoid getting arrested for warrants and told security officers that they were homeless. The grandmother and legal guardian of the woman and her young sister arrived, and the truth came out. The man had an extensive record, including gang membership. The females went home with their grandmother. The man went to jail.

By Steve Dunkelberger