Wednesday, June 28, 2017 This Week's Paper

Stupid Criminal of the Week

Some criminals think that wishing hard enough may keep them out of trouble with the law. A woman was arrested for hindering a police officer on March 24 at a Puget Sound Avenue residence when she decided to ignore his commands during a fight with her boyfriend. However, she eventually decided, quite simply, that she was in fact not under arrest. As she was read her rights, she kept insisting she was not under arrest, and demanded to be released immediately. As she was being transported to Fife Jail, she asked if the arresting officer could text her work place and tell them she was taking a sick day, as she didn’t want them to know she was in jail. The officer politely refused. When she finally made it to the jail, she refused to cooperate further, claiming that since she was already under arrest, what could they really do to her? Immediately after this, she demanded release once again. Despite what the suspect believed, she was booked into Fife Jail.

A man pulled over at Sixth Avenue on March 24 also decided that the refusal route was the way to go. After being pulled over for swerving across lanes, the man staunchly refused to admit he had been drinking, despite a heavy odor of alcohol. The man continued his staunch streak by refusing to submit to voluntary alcohol tests. He was then placed under arrest for DUI, but refused to acknowledge his Miranda Rights. After being transported to Fife jail, the man contacted a lawyer (his father) and stated that he would only acknowledge his Miranda Rights if they were read to him three times. After the arresting officer finished reading the rights three times, the man once again refused to acknowledge them. Despite his antics, the man was booked into Fife jail.

Compiled By Derek Shuck