Thursday, June 29, 2017 This Week's Paper

Stupid Criminal of the Week

Rarely are deli customers as toasted as their sandwiches, but that’s exactly what happened at a Broadway Street location on March 1. After entering the sandwich restaurant, a man began acting erratically when speaking to the only employee in the store. Instead of ordering food, he began yelling about his girlfriend and being accused of shooting someone, though to make it clear to the employee, he claimed he didn’t have a real gun, just a water gun, and he was most definitely not going to rob her. Thinking the suspect might be high, the employee contacted the police, who were able to apprehend the man exiting the store after he thoroughly scared both the employee and two customers. Despite the fact that all he claimed to do was buy a cookie, The suspect was arrested for trespassing and booked into Fife Jail.

Another man tried to outdo the suspect by bringing his own type of party to a Pacific Avenue restaurant on March 1. After being kicked out of the location the previous night by an officer, the man returned to the fast food restaurant with friends and a bottle of whiskey, which they preceded to blatantly drink in the diner. The party was cut short when an officer was called to deal with the group. The suspect’s friends were able to leave without incident, while the suspect himself was arrested for trespassing and booked into Fife Jail, he didn’t get to take his whiskey with him.

Compiled by Derek Shuck