Monday, June 26, 2017 This Week's Paper

Stupid Criminal Of The Week

No good deed goes unpunished in the 253.

A felon tagged by the ATF as an “Armed Career Criminal” for having an extensive rap sheet that involved firearms just happened to be sitting in a stolen car along the 700 block of Yakima Avenue. Police officers responded to a tip that the car was stolen and found the man hiding his face and walking in an alley. He was detained by police because he matched the description of the man an anonymous caller said had been inside the stolen car. During a pat-down, the officer found hypodermic needles and a revolver.

The man said that he was “borrowing” the car from a friend, who he didn’t identify. He also said he was just walking down the street, minding his own business, when he saw the revolver in a nearby gutter. He said the gun, a six-shot .22-caliber revolver, had four bullets and that he took the gun for safe-keeping because he knew children play in the area and he wanted to keep the firearm away from children.

He admitted that he had been arrested twice prior for gun charges and faces life in prison if convicted again. Police discovered that the last registered owner of the gun was the victim in a death investigation in Puyallup.