Saturday, June 24, 2017 This Week's Paper

Stupid Criminal of the Week

People find themselves homeless for myriad reasons, some of which are out of their control, and some of which are not. Maybe one transient can take his time in jail to ponder the reason for his homelessness. The answer might be found in the drugs in his bag that police found during a search of a garage along the 700 block of Commerce Street on Oct. 4. Or it could also be the weapons the officer found.

The responding officer was patrolling the area after receiving complaints of transients camping out in a garage at Commerce and Seventh Street and found three people at the garage door. Two of the people said they didn’t know the garage was private property. One of the transients had a warrant for his arrest for an escape charge. He was arrested.

During the routine search of the man after he was handcuffed, he admitted to having “a little crystal” and asked the officer if he could get rid of it before being taken to jail. The officer declined. A further search found some black tar heroin as well. The man also had a police-style baton that he said he found elsewhere in the city. Oh yeah, and then there was that five-inch, fixed blade knife in his backpack that was specifically rigged for easy access.