Sunday, July 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

Stupid Criminal of the Week: Drugs make people do stupid things.

One such story of drug-tainted decision-making includes a police report from Nov. 7, when an officer responded to a call about an unconscious man behind the wheel of his car parked at a gas station along the 2500 block of Pacific Avenue. The officer found a man slumped at the wheel with a syringe containing heroin in the passenger’s seat. He was questioned and released with an order not to trespass on the property. But that didn’t happen. He returned an hour later and began arguing with the station clerk about where his car had been towed. The officer returned and arrested him for tresspassing, no mention about the drugs in the car, however.

A woman used a stolen credit card to buy $60 worth of alcohol from a store along the 2800 block of Sixth Avenue. She was a regular customer, and the clerk found her purchase unusual from the start, but the transaction was completed.

The clerk received a call from a bank a few hours later stating the card had been stolen. That prompted a call to police, who tracked her down and found her at her house. She immediately started crying when cops began to question her. She said a friend named “Emily” had hurt her leg and wanted her to use her debit card to buy alcohol for a party. The woman admitted that she used “Emily’s” card, but returned it to her friend, then gave her the alcohol at a nearby church. “Emily” wasn’t there when police arrived. The alleged forger was placed under arrest.

Compiled by Steve Dunkelberger