Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Stupid Criminal Of The Week

One shoplifter apparently wasn’t thinking clearly about how his arrest was going to end. But such is often the case with shoplifters. See if you can spot the moment his plan went wrong – besides shoplifting, that is.

A man wrestled with store security at a grocery store along the 1900 block of South 72nd Street on Sept. 27 after he was spotted stuffing items into his pants and attempting to walk out of the store. The security officers handcuffed the man and called police. The man had tried to shoplift deodorant and razor blades so he could look presentable for his grandmother’s funeral the following day. A search also uncovered a small amount of black tar heroin in his pocket, which the man admitted to using as a way to cope with his grandmother’s passing.

The man had no identification and gave the arresting officer a name that did not match what his mother and female friend called him when they saw he was being arrested in the parking lot. But the man stuck to his story, despite not knowing his Social Security number or the address on his driver’s license. The officer ran the name the man gave and found that the name belonged to a convicted felon. The officer gave the man an out by telling him that if he admitted his real name, he wouldn’t be charged with identify theft for falsely using another man’s name. The man stood by his story, which tacked on another felony when he finally admitted to jailers who were fingerprinting him that he had given a false name. The tally for attempting to steal $20.34 worth of grooming supplies came to: strong-arm robbery, theft, trespassing, obstructing a police officer, felony possession of drugs and felony identity theft.

Written by Steve Dunkelberger