Monday, June 26, 2017 This Week's Paper

Shanghai House offers a true taste of China

For years, Shanghai House has been the restaurant of choice for busy downtown workers looking for delicious, authentic Chinese takeout. The restaurant not only enjoys a busy lunch rush, but it also caters to business travelers in nearby hotels with its delivery service.

Owners (and brothers) Chay and Tim Zheng are passionate about serving the delicious, truly authentic dishes they grew up eating in Fuzhou, China.

As one of Tacoma’s sister cities, organizations throughout the city periodically host travelers and business people from Fuzhou, and often bring them to Shanghai House. “It helps them feel at home,” said the restaurant’s communications representative, ZZ.

Shanghai House offers reasonable prices and an extensive menu featuring countless options. Some of its most popular lunch items include Mongolian Beef and General Tso’s Chicken (both $7.95), both served with egg flower or hot and sour soup and rice.

Shanghai House also offers a variety of steamed dumplings, and the menu also features Shanghai Chow Mein and Shanghai wonton soup.

Its authentic menu sometimes confuses customers unaware of what true Chinese food looks like. After some time – and education on the differences between Chinese, Japanese and Thai food – customers have grown to love the truly authentic dishes Shanghai House has to offer.

Shanghai House also offers family style dinners for only $13.95 per person – this feast includes a choice of spring rolls or pot stickers as an appetizer, wonton, egg flower or hot and sour soup, choice of steamed rice, fried rice or Chow Mein, and a choice of any entrée.

The restaurant is located at 1126 Commerce St. For more information about Shanghai House, please visit