Tuesday, June 27, 2017 This Week's Paper

Rock and Roll Lodge and Steakhouse opening cancelled

// Prophets of Addiction show won’t go on as planned

Due to a situation beyond their control, The Prophets of Addiction show with Ravages of Time, Sin Circus and Letzter Geist scheduled to take place Dec. 7 has been cancelled. The Rock and Roll Lodge and Steakhouse won’t be opening as planned on that night, and thus the live music won’t be happening either.

The Prophets of Addiction’s Lesli Sanders issued the following statement to the fans this morning:

THIS SHOW IS CANCELLED (December 7th Rock Lodge Grand Opening with Prophets Of Addiction, Ravages of Time, Sin Circus, Letzter Geist)

We are very sorry to inform everyone of this. We just received the news today. After we and all of the bands have been working their asses off to make this a memorable event for everyone. Including big stories in various publications. Now we must spend more time trying to clean up this mess and let everyone know. The last thing we want is for people to show up to a closed building.

The thing is we are more upset that you the people, that would be so cool to take time out their lives to support the bands as well as a new live music venue are the ones that this affects. We understand people have made arrangements and plans to come to this. We personally know people flying in for this and have hotels reserved. And we cannot express how sorry we are for this.

I want everyone to know this is out of our hands, and this has to do with some unresolved issues between the venue and the City of Tacoma pertaining to permits.

One again we deeply apologize for this and hope to see you soon, thanks for understanding.