Thursday, July 27, 2017 This Week's Paper

R&D Recycling cleans up local landfills

// Local business recycles large and small quantities of Styrofoam – for free

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, a recycling company in Fife is gearing up to help citizens dispose of Styrofoam packing materials commonly found in a variety of gifts – and all for free.

At R&D Recycling, businesses and private citizens alike are invited to drop off loads of Styrofoam of all shapes and sizes to be recycled on site.

Owners Diane and Rod Hash started the company in March after recognizing a need in the South Sound for a company to process various types of Styrofoam.

The couple, who also own Puyallup’s Goldenrod Jewelers, were looking for a second business venture, and recognized the need for this specialized recycling service in the community. “Styrofoam would previously go straight into the landfill,” Diane Hash said. “We have always looked for ways to recycle whenever possible.”

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans throw away 25 billion Styrofoam cups each year. If they are not recycled, these cups could remain in landfills for as many as 500 years.

It is easier now than ever to recycle these materials, and all it takes is a drive to Fife to drop off clean, dry Styrofoam products. Even businesses collecting large quantities of Styrofoam are welcome to drop off loads for free, which could save many companies a significant amount of money. “Many businesses pay huge fees when they haul their trash or recycling from their dumpsters, regardless of weight,” Hash said.

When Styrofoam goes through the recycling process, the foam’s mass is reduced by 90 percent, and the product undergoes a second recycling process before being turned into a variety of plastic items.

After R& D Recycling processed the Styrofoam, the densified product is sold to a variety of customers in manufacturing.

The company also has the capability to recycle additional products such as bottle caps – anything that can be considered light density polyethylene. Items most commonly associated with this type of Styrofoam are furniture packaging, appliance packaging, new electronics packaging, shipping peanuts, computer component packaging and more.

For more information about R&D Recycling, call (253) 241-1904, or visit R&D Recycling is located at 7214 26th St. E. in Fife.