Tuesday, July 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Put a sock in it profile #3

// Kendra McCoy and City’s Human Resources and Labor Relations office

Kendra McCoy read about West Wesley in the Tacoma Weekly a few weeks back. Now her colleagues are shopping for socks. Wesley manages Hospitality Kitchen’s clothing bank at Catholic Community Services at 1323 S. Yakima Ave. The hundreds of people who rely on the goods in that small room also rely on extraordinary generosity from people who find joy in giving. These people need good socks, the best socks, socks that will save their feet from the damp and cold. A blend of wool and acrylic that wicks moisture away from feet, these socks, on the best of sales, start at around $2.50 a pair. “I was moved to read about someone who spent so much of his own time and dedication to something that the rest of us take for granted,” McCoy said. Her colleagues at the City of Tacoma’s Human Resources and Labor Relations office felt the same way, and took the good socks on as a challenge. “Every year our department chooses an organization to support at our staff retreat,” McCoy said. They chose Wesley’s sock drive.

“Socks seem so easy and make so much sense,” McCoy said. She picked up a Put A Sock In It poster (you can, too. Just e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).) and set up a donation box. It’s filling up. “One employee took advantage of the infamous Fred Meyer sock sale,” she said. Enthusiasm is also building up. The department has invited Wesley to their annual retreat Dec. 19 to hear more about the work at Hospitality Kitchen. Count on him to let them know the Tacoma Avenue Shelter also needs clean, used towels and blankets, not to mention toiletries, coats and shoes. Meanwhile, these City of Tacoma employees are looking forward to delivering the socks to him at the kitchen to see the people they are happy to be helping. If you’re late in feeling the holidays, McCoy has seven good words to get you started: “Man, it feels good to give back!”