Sunday, July 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

Pothole Pig’s Pothole of te week

We appreciate that so many people are concerned about Percival our beloved Pothole Pig being gone for so long. We know he does as well. But time moves on.
There are still potholes in the city that need attention, and finding an advocate for getting them fixed is crucial.
We posted an advertisement on Craigslist and received six resumes from interested candidates. Who do you think would be the best replacement for our beloved pig (least until/if he returns)?

  • Blighty the Blight-Seeking Beaver just moved to the area and last worked at a sandwich shop in Chicago.
  • Carter the Crater Gator hails from Kent and wrote a blog about transportation issues.
  • Charles the Chuckhole Chicken was most recently a coffee stand operator.
  • Rosco the Rut-Running Rooster ran a marijuana shop in Lacey, and is writing a mystery novel in his spare time.
  • Peter the Pit Python works in the fulfillment department at Amazon.
  • Lastly, there’s Marilyn Strickland, a two-term mayor of Tacoma and staunch civic activist who can’t seek reelection in November and will be in need of a job.

The top vote getters so far are: Charles the Chuckhole Chicken, Blighty the Blight-Seeking Beaver and Carter the Crater Gator.
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