Friday, June 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

Local Restaurants: Poodle Dog celebrates 80 years in business

The Poodle Dog celebrated its 80th birthday on June 24 in grand style by rolling back prices on selected items as they were sold when the Fife dining institution opened in 1933.

Lorissa Williamson, general manager of the restaurant, came up with the idea to offer guests 1933 prices, something last done when the Poodle Dog marked 50 years of operations in 1983. “I thought it would be an awesome way to give something back to the community,” she remarked.

The special prices were offered from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. A hamburger and fries basket went for 30 cents. Steak and eggs was only 45 cents. For those with a sweet tooth, a piece of cake was 10 cents, a slice of pie 20 cents and milkshakes were 15 cents. A cup of coffee was only a dime.

Information on the promotion had been on the reader board out front for months. Employees had been telling customers, and there were flyers on the wall with information. The promotional efforts worked. The Poodle Dog was packed on a Monday for breakfast and lunch.

Williamson believes the establishment set a record for the number of customers on a Monday. The sales were about the same as a typical Monday, but with five to six times as much food being served.

“The customers thought it was absolutely great,” she continued. Some of the regulars are in their 90s and have been eating at the Poodle Dog since the 1930s. Williamson heard from people talking about their parents and grandparents being customers in the early days.

More staff was scheduled than would be on a typical Monday to handle the big crowd. “Everybody who was able to worked,” Williamson said.

A man made animal figures with balloons, which were handed out to children. Among them were Stella Hare and her brother Connor Hare of Browns Point, who had lunch with their mother.

Stella had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cup of chicken noodle soup. Connor had a hamburger and fries. Price of a meal for three came to about $2.