Tuesday, July 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Police Blotter

Officers were called to an intoxicated man in a store along the 2400 block of North Proctor Street. The man was stumbling to his car when police arrived. The officers activated their emergency lights and the man stopped trying to back his car out of the parking stall. The man declined a field sobriety test and wouldn’t say if he had been drinking. He refused to step out of the car and was arrested. His car was towed and the man was taken to jail.

Officers responded to a shoplifting case at a department store along the 1900 block of Union Avenue to find the suspects were 12 and 15 years old. The older boy had a loaded handgun. The boys had tried to steal a pellet gun by stuffing the item into their backpack. The older boy said he found the gun in some bushes the previous day. The boy already had a police record, making it illegal for him to have a handgun. The semi-automatic handgun and the pellet gun were taken into evidence.

A man reported that someone had opened several credit cards under his name and tallied bills using the fraudulent cards. The man became suspicious when he received credit card bills in his mailbox along the 7000 block of North 10th Street.

A patient fled a Tacoma hospital on Aug. 16 and was found in his underwear at his ex-girlfriend’s house along the 1700 block of South ‘J’ Street. Police knew from previous encounters that the man had been served with a no-contact order by the woman. He was arrested. Officers added the charge of resisting arrest when he struggled with officers, forcing them to slip on the grass and fall to the ground. The man then tried to bite one of the officers.

Compiled by Steve Dunkelberger