Saturday, June 24, 2017 This Week's Paper

Ohm ohm at the beach

// Water not the only fluid thing at Chambers Creek Bay this summer 

Grab a yoga mat, water bottle and maybe some sunscreen because plans for a new outdoor yoga class are now flowing toward Chambers Creek Regional Park. Classes will begin the first weekend in July. That means yoga students can practice their kneeling twists in view of McNeil Island and can chant "ohm" while listening to Puget Sound waters hugging the beach.
NeSha Thomas-Schadt has been a supervisor for Pierce County Parks & Recreation at Chambers Creek Regional Park since February. Yet as she pondered the attractive meadow below the golf course, with its backdrop of old pilings left over from the industrial era, she had an epiphany. Her enlightened idea was to host outdoor classes down in that meadow that's closest to the water. Yoga classes, specifically.
So she approached Erin Joosse, owner of Source Yoga, to see if she would help make the outdoor yoga classes become big as the mountain pose. Joosse was eager to make the outdoor yoga opportunity happen so together they planned a brand new program called "Yoga By The Bay."
"I think it's going to be a really wonderful opportunity for people to just be in their bodies, be outside and enjoy this extraordinary place where we live," Joose said. 
Since Thomas-Schadt did not get inspired with the idea for outdoor yoga until after the Pierce County Parks & Recreation Guide was published, it’s not included in the printed or digital copy. The best way to register for Yoga By The Bay is to call (253)798-4141 or log on to and click on “register” then type in “Yoga By The Bay." You can apply by using this direct link:
A teacher at Source Yoga, Melissa Cotter will present both four-week courses for the full months of July and August. Thomas-Schadt said that each Yoga session will run four Saturdays from 10-11 a.m. and each month's worth of yoga will cost of $60. If it rains, the class will be postponed until the end of the original scheduled sessions with an extra Saturday added to make that rained-out class up.
According to Joosse, the yoga will be slow and not intense. Yet folks who want to participate are encouraged to have some kind of yoga experience tucked into their stretchy workout pants. 
That's even while Joosse said that Cotter will be making adaptations in the instruction to accommodate individual ability.
More specifically, Cotter will be teaching vinyasa yoga, which Joosse described as "slow and mindful." Derived from hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga synchronizes the breath with a series of fluid movements and poses.
Joose had explored the new site at Chambers Creek Regional Park just recently and exclaimed: "I can't believe we live here. It's so beautiful." She said that Yoga By The Bay presents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate that beauty and said yoga will slow participants down and make them fully present in mind, body and spirit. "This is a beautiful place where we live, " she repeated.
Joosse started her business, Source Yoga, in North Tacoma back in 2005. She opened her second studio in University Place in 2011.
"At our studio, we have a strong emphasis on mindfulness practice," Joosse said. Yoga is about moving the body in a way that makes both mind and body completely present.
Yoga instructor Melissa Cotter's profile statement can be found at, under the "our mission" tab.