Wednesday, July 26, 2017 This Week's Paper

New community garden emerging on the East Side

Attention readers: The print version of this story in this week's Tacoma Weekly contains an erroneous statement that hazardous materials were removed from the community garden site. No such action was taken, as there never was any hazardous materals at the site. Tacoma Weekly apologizes for this serious error.


The pungent smell of Tagro was in the air, as was the sound of hammers on plywood, as East Side residents spent part of their day on June 25 working on a new community garden at Rogers Park.

Lynnette Scheidt said planning for the project began last December. Metro Parks granted permission for the use of the space in the small park.

“A whole lot of time has gone into this,” she said. “A lot of people in the neighborhood have helped.” She noted some residents came by early in the morning to volunteer their time before heading off to their jobs.

“I love my neighborhood,” she said. “I enjoy getting people involved.”

“This is great to see a community coming together to improve their neighborhood,” Whitney Rhoads remarked.

Lynnette Scheidt said approximately 40 people will grow crops in the garden this summer. Some of the bounty will be donated to Emergency Food Network, she added. That organization will provide some greenhouse plants to be planted in the garden.

She said the Internet was a useful tool in organizing people. “Facebook is awesome,” she remarked.

Tara Scheidt said some beds will be designated for use by children. Her daughter Lauren Scheidt-Padron, 6, was among those lending a hand. “I love planting flowers,” she said. “I am on the job.”