Thursday, June 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

Local Restaurants: New personal chef service offers customized gourmet meals

After spending nearly a decade as a stay-at-home mom, Delphia Brewton has jumped back into the work force as a personal chef after years of receiving rave reviews about her stellar skills in the kitchen. When Brewton graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary College in Seattle, she decided to take a leap of faith by starting her own personal chef business. Although re-entering the work force is a challenge for any mom, Brewton’s personal chef services allow her to employ the skills she’s honed over the years to build a successful business.

“It’s wonderful to be able to use skills I’ve developed as a stay-at-home mom in the workplace,” she said. “Each client has different wants and dietary needs that I take into consideration, just like each member of the family.”

Blessings From My Heart To Your Table specializes in superb customer service and restaurant quality food. “When our clients are happy, then we know that we have done our job,” she added.

Brewton is always learning about the latest trends in eating and nutrition, but her own personal favorite cuisine is Cajun Creole. “I prepare and enjoy all international cuisine,” she added. “I’m always expanding my horizons and learning new techniques.”

During initial consultations with clients, she attempts to determine a person’s preference on healthy eating, salt intake, dietary needs and more. But not everyone is accustomed to analyzing and sharing their thoughts on the food they eat. “Most people never think about food like this,” she said. “They think they are hiring someone to remove a task from their to-do list, but they still need to think about what they eat on a daily basis.”

After Chef Brewton conducts consultations she prepares a personalized menu for the client’s approval and sets up a day that clients prefer to receive chef service in their home. When she visits a client’s home each week, she can provide pastries, snacks, entrees with fresh side dishes and more – depending on the needs of each client. Her affordable rates vary depending on the needs of the client and size of their family.

She also offers catering services, gift certificates and chef services for office lunches as well.

“We feel so humbled to be here today,” she said. “My parents have supported me through everything.”

She also thanks her husband, who currently runs the business side of Blessings. “I didn’t even know about my gift for cooking until after I got married,” she laughed. “The first thing I ever made him – mac and cheese from a box – was terrible. But I got up, tried again, and here I am.”

To contact Chef Brewton or for more information visit or call (253) 306-6477.