Sunday, July 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

Local Restaurant Spotlight: La Iguana brings authentic Mexican food to Fife.

The hot trend these days is to take pictures of your food at restaurants, and then post them on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. What’s odd is taking a picture of another person’s food. But ordering a Supreme Burrito at Fife’s La Iguana may elicit snaps from strangers at another table, due to the sheer size of the product.

La Iguana, located on 4420 Pacific Highway E., is not only a source of some of the freshest authentic Mexican food in the area, but also the largest.

“When I see peoples face when I give them that burrito it’s priceless,” La Iguana Supervisor Salvador Zamora said.

La Iguana prides itself on also making food that’s made to order.

“This isn’t a restaurant, it’s more of a kitchen,” Zamora said.

As soon as a customer orders a plate, the employees of La Iguana will make the dish from scratch, creating authentic, warm food right in front of the customer.

“The food takes longer, but at the same time it’s worth it,” Zamora said, “and my customers tell me the same thing.”

Opening in December of 2012, La Iguana is an establishment dedicated to serving the blue collar workers of Fife.

“Those are really the hardest working people in Fife,” Zamora said. “All the things we provide help them.”

These provisions include affordable meals for a good price, with an example being five tacos and a soda for $7.99. La Iguana is also offering a limited time deal of four enchiladas with rice and beans for $6.99.

The aforementioned Supreme Burrito is sold for $8.99, and is stuffed with your choice of meat, rice, beans, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and cheese.

La Iguana is also introducing a new program for Fife family’s, allowing kids to eat free on Saturdays.

La Iguana is open six days a week from 11 a.m.-8 p.m.