Saturday, July 22, 2017 This Week's Paper


At its Executive Board meeting on July 18, WorkForce Central announced three new appointments to the Tacoma-Pierce County Workforce Development Council (WDC). The Pierce County WDC is one of 12 workforce development boards in Washington, which joins a network of 600 nationwide. The purpose of these organizations is to oversee the implementation, local planning and management of the federal Workforce Investment Act. Working on behalf of and in coordination with the local elected officials, the Pierce County council represents a broad cross section of the local community interested in workforce development issues.

The new WDC members are Isa Nichols, CEO of Maxine Mimms Academies (MMA), Dr. Charles Horne, Corporate Affairs Officer at MMA and Tacoma Ministerial Alliance, and Blaine Wolfe, Project Executive for Absher Construction in Puyallup representing business interests.

“Pierce County’s local leaders recognize that workforce development programs are valuable tools with long-term benefits for the economic growth of the region,” stated Linda Nguyen, CEO of WorkForce Central. “More and more company executives are citing a skilled, trainable workforce as a primary reason for relocating to our area. We are fortunate so many of the region’s leaders are willing to join the WDC to develop value-added services to build this quality workforce.”

These leaders join others working collaboratively to bring innovative training, education and business solutions to further the economic growth of Tacoma and Pierce County. This public and private partnership convenes monthly to identify skill and training gaps within the local workforce and to develop strategies to address those gaps. The end goal is the development of a job-ready workforce.

 WorkForce Central is the workforce development organization for Tacoma/Pierce County. It provides a pathway to employment for job seekers and is a single point of contact for businesses needing to address their talent gaps. WorkForce Central also develops and implements innovative training and business solutions to further the economic growth of the county by partnering with business, education, government, labor and community organizations.