Wednesday, June 28, 2017 This Week's Paper

Letters to the Editor: Virginia Young

Dear Editor,

I have never met a more kind, caring, generous staff as Puyallup Tribe has at the Elders Center. They are a diverse group, yet they work together to ensure the elders are cared for every day. They make everyone feel welcome, they remember the little details about individuals and they have the utmost respect for everyone’s privacy. Their professionalism is top of the line. I hope the elders know what a gem they have and remember to tell them how appreciated they are.

My husband is a tribal elder and we both know how hard things would be without their help and guidance with his health issues and personal needs. Whenever we feel the need to pick up a phone or pay a visit to the staff at the Elders Center, there is always somebody to help us with whatever we need. We have had many questions answered, help with medical equipment, a friendly piece of advice when needed and much more. We just want to say thanks to each and everyone there. Life is much easier with them in it!

Virginia Young