Friday, July 21, 2017 This Week's Paper

Letters to the Editor: State Senator Debbie Regala

Dear Editor,

Washington state has lost two of its most dedicated and respected leaders. The passing of former Senators Sid Snyder and R. Lorraine Wojahn is a great blow to our state. In their time in the state Legislature, they were as hard working a pair of lawmakers as the people of Washington could have ever hoped for. Senator Wojahn was a tireless advocate for Pierce County, the City of Tacoma and the 27th Legislative District. Her work for the community set a high standard for all who have and will follow in her footsteps. I had great respect for Senator Snyder. His dedication to serving all the people of the state of Washington and his steady guidance for our caucus was truly inspiring. The memory of the great work done by these brilliant public servants will not soon be forgotten and while they may be gone, their legacy will serve as a model for all.

State Senator Debbie Regala