Thursday, July 27, 2017 This Week's Paper

Letters to the Editor: Shara Jackson

Dear Editor,

Many people are inherently attracted to the same sex; this is a reality. Intolerance and ignorance do not have to be present for people to have different legal opinions. Marriage is not in the same category as other historical wrongdoings and mistakes. I do believe that society will be affected if children are increasingly raised in homes without a male and female parent present. It makes sense that negative public service consequences would result from Referendum 74. This basic definition change also opens a very real and steep “slippery slope” for other legal topics that we currently take for granted.
Current definitions provide representation for two opposing beliefs. Civil unions and marriages legally solidify relationships with all benefits. Referendum 74 molds these two definitions into one, literally erasing the second of those valued viewpoints. Legal definitions are the only solid and confident voice that many children, teens and young adults will ever know. They deserve to hear both sides.
Please vote no on Referendum 74.

Shara Jackson