Tuesday, July 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Letters to the Editor: Margaret Kimpton

Dear Editor,

In regard to “No end in sight for downtown IGA picketers” (TW 7/27): I was a non-union member of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 367 when I started picketing at Winco in Tacoma in March 2011. I was transferred to picket at IGA when they opened in September. I worked at a grocery store while I was enrolled in their union for six and a half years previously.

At the end of December, a previous co-worker (from picketing at Winco) came down to visit us. He went into IGA and purchased a package of cookies. He came out of the store and offered a co-worker and myself a cookie. We each took one and took a bite of it. Our team captain saw us and immediately called our supervisor at the union office. We were both told to immediately go home. Immediately after that, we were both fired for violating company policy! We were informed by text message, might I add.

We were devastated! We were never given anything to sign when hired, no company policies, etc. I had to have a hearing to get my unemployment, which I won with a breeze. The union hires non-union employees to picket and pays them $10 an hour with no benefits (except regular pay for holidays). I just thought you might be interested in the true facts about UFCW Local 367.

Margaret Kimpton