Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Letters to the Editor: Janet Higbee

Dear Editor,

In response to “Alaska Street is the way to go for bicyclists” by Rob Gramenz (guest editorial, TW 9/21): What appreciative and positive observations! This route will soon connect north as well. In fact, the city is seeing to it that this area be made into a 13-mile bike route. Expect a cutout at Wright Park and a continuation on North 24th Street by North Proctor Street and past the new wave pool all the way to Pearl Street. Logically, the route you like will soon connect to current bike lanes that lead to Tacoma Narrows and Vassault Park. Rob, have you ridden the other direction (south and east) across the freeway to Park Avenue from Fawcett Street? This connects cyclists to the East Side from Yakima Avenue. Park, like Alaska, offers a pleasant route that we active transportation folks can enjoy. It is cool that you mention kids. To Tacoma, in particular, Tacoma City Council and Diane Wiatr, the city’s mobility coordinator, I join Rob in thanking you! Of course, I am aware of Diane’s success in securing more than $1 million in grants and making Tacoma a more bicyclist/pedestrian-friendly place (Tacoma earned bronze star status from the League of American Cyclists last spring). Please, Tacoma, continue your fine work of creating safe routes for children to walk and pedal to their neighborhood schools and parks

Janet Higbee