Saturday, July 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

Letters to the Editor: Roger W. Hancock

Dear Editor,

We need change! Washington had been pretty much insulated from the economic downturn across the country until four years ago. In spite of the tax and spend actions of the Democrats we stayed on top, but nothing good lasts forever. The Democrat policies have pushed Boeing to move its headquarters and subsequently much of its operations out of state. The Democrats continue to raise taxes and add regulations that stymie the economy. We can no longer listen to the Democrats during the campaign season, as they will say anything to get your vote. We cannot allow them to continue to ignore our initiatives. We vote against taxes and the Democrats vote them back in. We have been four years in a repressed state, in repressed Washington. It is time for a change. The Democrats have had the control but have used it to continue the policies that have pushed Washington into this recession. We cannot afford to vote Democrat again.

Roger W. Hancock