Thursday, June 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

Letters to the Editor: Gary M. Peterson

Dear Editor,

Upon viewing the movie “2016: Obama’s America,” I left the theater with the hope that every potential voter in the upcoming presidential election might avail himself or herself of this opportunity to truly understand the man and where he is leading this country.

The film leads the viewer to a realization that President Barack Obama was not vetted by the national news media in his first run for this office, and because of this, he reached the White House as probably the least known and understood president in American history.

But the major contribution of the film, I believe, is to provide us with a framework by which to understand some of the decisions that he has made during his presidency. When we understand, according to the film, the central tenet of anti-colonialism that is at the core of the man, we can begin to understand such Obama positions as his seemingly anti-Israel stance and his hesitancy to lend support to recent uprisings in Muslim countries.

The film also focuses on the president’s foot-dragging concerning energy independence and his apparent lack of concern over the exploding national debt crisis.

Even staunch liberals will be forced to acknowledge the integrity of the film. In its use of actual footage from Obama speeches, in recorded interviews with relatives and associates and in the inclusion of verbatim statements from his book “Dreams From My Father,” we are given a clear understanding of the factors that have shaped the man and the direction in which he is pushing the United States. The approach used to influence our conclusions is a refreshing break from the subjective, opinion-based political commentary that we have been bombarded with as the race for presidency heats up.

As a student of American history, it is my opinion that the coming presidential election may well be the most significant one ever in terms of its effect on the direction this country will take.

Democratic Party leaders will not be happy with this film, but the American people have now been given the opportunity to gain a clear understanding of their current president, an understanding that was denied them four years ago and which has been unclear to many during his first term.

Gary M. Peterson

University Place