Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Letters to the Editor: Eric Paulsen

Dear Editor,

I ask readers to oppose Initiative 1185, which will be on the ballot this fall.
Washington faces some serious financial issues. Because of lower revenues the state has cut support for colleges and universities. Tuition at the University of Washington has increased by more 242 percent in 20 years. State debt is more than $18 billion. State spending has dropped each year since 2007, while the net number of new driver’s licenses has increased more than 100,000 each year. The number of Department of Social and Health Services has decreased 3,855 since 2008.
I believe the answer is to completely replace the current tax system with a moderately progressive income tax. This could be done by the Legislature and should help them to be politically popular. They could lower tuition, save DSHS, save Basic Health, lower the state debt and save law enforcement and fire departments to protect citizens.


Eric Paulsen