Wednesday, July 26, 2017 This Week's Paper

Letters to the Editor: Debbie Regala

Dear Editor,

Jack Connelly’s unprecedented spending of more than $420,000 in the primary did not sway voters in the 27th District. Now he has resorted to relentless television and Internet attacks on Jeannie Darneille, using innuendo, distortions and manipulations of the facts to imply Darneille is not concerned about public safety. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Throughout her 12 years of service representing the 27th District in the House of Representatives, Darneille has worked to ensure public safety not just for the 27th District but throughout the state.

You need not take my word for that. Read her list of endorsements from those on the front line: Tacoma Police Union #6, Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs, Washington State Troopers Association and Washington Fire Chiefs. She also has the support of those who represent corrections officers and a long list of community members for whom public safety is a priority. The Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs named her 2012 Legislator of the Year in recognition of her record of combating sexual assault and her support for victims of the crime.

It is truly disappointing that someone who has established a lucrative legal career presenting “facts” in the courtroom would attempt to build a political career based on distortions of the truth.

Darneille’s long record of commitment to this community both in and out of the Legislature demonstrates she is the one candidate qualified to be the next senator from the 27th District.

Debbie Regala


(Editor’s note: Regala is the current state senator in the 27th District. She is stepping down from the position and Darneille and Connelly are running for her seat.)