Saturday, June 24, 2017 This Week's Paper

Letter to the Editor: Willie Dickerson

Dear Editor,
(Re: “Obamacare: What happens now?” by Katie Ladenburg, Tacoma Weekly, April 14) 
Katie Ladenburg raises excellent questions about health care and what will happen if the Affordable Care Act is repealed without a replacement, or even with a replacement. It depends on us using our voices as shown by the defeat of the first Trumpcare plan that would have caused 24 million Americans to lose their health care.
What comes next? How about we ask for affordable health care for all Americans, not one that includes tax breaks for the rich and cuts millions from their health care insurance. In a recent study by the Congressional Management Foundation, it was shown that when constituents speak to their elected representatives in person, on the phone, or by writing a letter, it has the most powerful effect on their decision making. So let’s write those letters, make those calls, go to those town halls, and get health care for all Americans!

Willie Dickerson
Snohomish, WA